Happy Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving just moments away, I thought I’d take some time to express my gratitude. This season is an especially salient one. For the first time in seven years, I’ll be spending Thanksgiving day amongst family. Though my hiatus in California was a wonderful growing experience, the time away from family was always hardest to deal with during the holidays. I’m happy to be back and grateful that Discovery Education has afforded me this wonderful opportunity to work with an incredible group of educators. You all help make this job both exciting and fulfilling and I feed off your energy and enthusiasm.  I want to thank all of you for welcoming me into your community and making me feel back at home. I wish you and your families a happy Thanksgiving.


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  1. Kim Smith said:

    Great to have you Shannon. Enjoy the season! Surely, your family is happy to have you home as well. Dining in Summit Hill today? And are you deer hunting on Monday? :0)

  2. Erik Wittmer said:

    Not only is your family lucky to have you back for holidays but so is the entire state of PA and that little state south of here, DE. For everyone that interactives with the DEN, we are thankful for all you do for us Shannon! Enjoy!!!

  3. Peggy Barger said:

    Although we miss Lance, you are our new and dazzling DE & PA DEN manager. For those of you who have not had the opportunity to meet Shannon’s husband, he is a real “neatnik” & “smartnik” – just like her. Welcome aboard, Shannon!!

  4. A. Amati said:

    Happy Thanksgiving – Also it was great to meet you at Carnegie Science Center. See you on December 5.

  5. RJ Stangherlin said:

    Just wanted to take time out at the end of a busy holiday to give thanks to you, Shannon, and our entire DEN family. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by a caring, talented group of friends. Happy and thanks.

  6. Linda Michael said:

    Shannon, Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. I’ve been on the DEN website all evening. What a great site. I’m finding new ideas everyday. Thanks for the DEN.

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