Wisconsin Discovery Educator Network 2006 Thankful Memories

Den_educator_network_newlogo1_15Connectingwithteachers_2 Share my thanks-filled memories by downloading this Microsoft Photo Story WMV file.   

2006 has been a year full of rewarding and fun Discovery Educator Network times with my wonderful colleagues and with YOU

The best reward is being connected to exceptional Wisconsin educators (you!!), an amazing team of DEN leaders and colleagues, and being able to help to connect each of you with Discovery Education, unitedstreaming, the DEN and with one another.

I wish I had more pictures so that each of you were included.  Know that each of you are represented through your spirit, initiative, and participation in the Wisconsin DEN.

Thank you for all you do!  If you would like to comment on how being a WI or national DEN educator has impacted you, PLEASE do!  Sharing is it’s own reward! :-))

This file is 14.6MB so please know that you should only download this if you have a faster Internet connection. 

Download DENthankyou_1.wmv   –updated as of Sunday, 11/26/06 
(right-click on file and download to your computer and view in Windows Media Player or another compatible media player) 

Cimg1467 Note: I always create the slide show in PowerPoint, save the files as JPG files in PPT and then import the images into Photo Story 3.  It makes working with adding text and multiple images in one slide a LOT easier!    I then use the free Jodix video converter program to convert the file to video iPod format.  Connect your video iPod (I love the one I have!!! – great Christmas gift!) to your TV via a $15 or so AV cable and wa-la… you have a great slide show for home, school, family, to use during events, etc.


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  1. Keith Schroeder said:

    Thanks for the awesome video! It really has been a year to be thankful! We’re all thankful for Discovery and that they have invested a lot of time, energy, and money into teachers! Mostly we’re thankful for our Field Managers. . . especially for you, Jan!

  2. Rachel Yurk said:

    Thanks Jan! Great photos! This really did a nice job of capturing all the benefits of being a DEN member and all the ahrd work that you do. Thanks for the opportunitues that you provide for us!

  3. cathy said:

    Thanks for the great Photo Story. I appreciate all the work you do Jan. Discovery has made me want to do more technology projects within the classroom. It has been a great year with you.

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