Don't Send the Cops

I logged in last night and a DEN Member (Tom) told me he was about to send the state troopers to my house. He was getting worried because it’s been almost a week and no blog. So sorry! But this week has been a busy one for me personally.

It started with a 48 hour study with Joey, my wild but loveable child. After a 48 hour study we found out that he’s been having absence seizures. I thought he was just ignoring me, but it turns out he’s having one of these episodes (petit mal or a absence seizure). So I have a lot to be thankful for, one we know what’s wrong and two it could be a whole lot worse. He started medicine and we’ll continue the study.

We got out of the hospital on Thanksgiving morning and got home in time to shower and change for dinner. It was our first Thanksgiving in my new home in Florida, and the first in a long time that both of my brothers were able to be at the table. Usually Kelly is working on Thanksgiving and couldn’t come join us in South Carolina. It was also the first Thanksgiving dinner I didn’t do any of the cooking.

Then for the first time ever I went shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. (I didn’t go out until 10, no hardcore shopping here.) I usually stay away from the malls but we had to go to the Discovery Store. We went to the one at International Mall this time. They have so many cool ideas for Christmas presents. There was one that scared me though for students. It was a set of text messenging gadgets for kids. I was reading an article about how text messenging lingo is showing up in school papers and here we have a toy that encourages it. But they had some great other toys, such as the Dino Robot, Dinosaur dig, Magnetix Car kits, spykits, Jeff Corwin Videos, CSI forensic science kits (oh wait, that’d be for me), a body art kit that gives you a temporary tattoo (just what Joey needs), some great activity books and so much more. Some great things for adults too, like the Garmin that’s on sale, handheld games, items for backpacking or camping, and even jewelry. I am sure he’ll think that Santa’s elves did all the shopping this year at the Discovery Store, and he won’t be far from the truth.

So, since I didn’t have anything to blog about that related to DEN and I actually took some time off this week, which meant I didn’t blog. Hopefully this will calm Tom down and the police won’t show up at my house. What did you do this week to show thanks and start the wildness of Christmas?


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  1. Cheryl Woolwine - NFL said:

    Welcome Back – We missed your blabbering! I too had family time, both my Kids came home for the holiday amd my daughter and I spent Friday at the the Malls, we were out by 7am early enough for me!

  2. Tom Turner said:

    HA! I knew you would start your blog like that Danielle…you thought you could pull the wool over my eyes didn’t ya???

    Again I’m glad you found the reason for all that was going on. You and I have discussed that a lot. I’ve been in the situation where your son/daughter is being poked and prodded to find out things that are going on with them. It’s not a fun situation, as I’m sure all parents that have gone through it can attest. I really cannot wait to see waht you got me this past Friday :p and again, thanks for being who you are…we all in North Florida DEN are Thankful for that!!!

  3. Glenda Jenkins said:

    Ok, another blogger that has been lagging. Only my lagging was due to Deer hunting and spending time with family. I’ve really missed getting in the DEN and sharing. Thanks for sharing the shopping ideas from the Discovery store Daniel. Sounds like Santa will do a good job. I’ll keep your son in my prayers during his future tests. By the way girls…my shopping started at 3 AM on Friday!

  4. Karen Seddon said:

    Glad Joey is doing better and that you’ll keep an eye on him. I must say it was wierd not to see your blog highlighted on the main DEN site until tonight! Glad your Thanksgiving was so great. I actually went shopping on Friday also (so very uncharacteristic). What is the DEN doing to us Danielle?

  5. Michele Futch said:

    Don’t feel too bad…I’ve been a slacker, too. Tonight is actually the first time in a few days that I have even logged onto the DEN Blog Network. Imagine that?

    We all needed the time off! Yes, even you, Danielle! Glad Joey is doing well. Tell him Tommy and I have been thinking about him. Maybe we can get them together again in 2007!

  6. ana said:

    Glad you are back, I hope everything works out well for you and Joey. Sorry I have not been blogging a lot either, really busy times, between school, trainings and family. So I think we all understand wholeheartedly.

  7. Wendy Norton said:

    Glad to hear Joey is okay, and that you had a nice holiday. I too missed your blog. I look forward to Busch Gardens next weekend and hope to catch up before the holidays on DEN news.

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