Around The World In 80 Days (or the end of your class period whichever comes first)

First of let me apologize for the delay in posting this blog.  If you had the trip that I did you would understand!

First I started off in Bethesda, Maryland, then zoomed off to the other side of the world to experience an Aboriginal ritual dance in modern-day Australia. 

I then visited the birthplace of Kung-Fu, traveled the Silk Road and planned my next adventure, herding cattle within the world’s largest commercial cattle herd in São Paulo, Brazil.

I also explored examples of historic Islamic architecture in the west African country of Mali and the Middle Eastern country of Yemen; communed with Vikings, and joined a polar bear party in Russia.

And I did it all without leaving my seat!

And now you can take your students on an amazing trip without leaving your classroom.  It is as simple as logging into and clicking on the Discovery Interactive Atlas Map located in the Teacher Center BoxDiscovery_atlast_interactive_map.

Then simply launch the Atlas and explore your world!Discovery_atlast_interactive_map2_1

And here’s a trick to get your videos to play full screen:

Once your selected video starts to play, click on the video image with your left mouse button and then click on the image again with your right mouse button.  This will open up a small menu.  Hover over the word "Zoom" and then click on the words "Full Screen."

Put it all together in a Webquest or Google Earth presentation.  And if the thought of those two items leaves you scratching your head, Don’t worry – We’ve got you covered.

Sign up for one of our Complimentary Webinars to learn how!

Happy travels,

Matt Monjan
Discovery Education, Implementation


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  1. Karen Seddon said:

    You are too much fun! I’m so glad the Interactive Atlas is on the home page now but we still need to show it off because, like COSMEO, seeing is believing. Haven’t blended Google Earth and the Interactive Atlas yet. Hmmmmm….. great idea, Matt.

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