Blocked but still Moving Forward

Yesterday I had the joy of spending the afternoon with a bunch of pirates at Matanzas High School in Flagler County. What a joyful group as we searched the seas of unitedstreaming for treasures to use in our classroom! Thank you to STAR Educators Chris Brink and Ada Harvey (who’s son works at Discovery!) and future STAR Educator Charlene Stapleton for inviting me.

We started off with a look at the Mythbuster Video about uses of Coke and gave away a starter kit for their own science experiment. During our lesson Charlene asked me a question about the Admin Side of unitedstreaming. I recommended that she call the 1-800 and get in touch with her Implementation Person, who I believe is Brian Degenhart. Then we talked about blogs, and I thought – well what better way then to take them there. I could show them the video of Lance and Scott scooping the Mythbusters on the Mentos deal and North Florida’s recent activity and a picture of Brian. We got blocked. Their filter said we were blocked for looking at Adult Content. Oh my! Laughs went up and Chris said I had to blog about it.

Discovery Then I started thinking, I still don’t have a good picture of Matt Monjan. He’s one of our other Florida Implementation Members, along with Christina (who I have yet to meet). Then we got a notice of our NEW Discovery Education Website and there’s a little movie on there. Guess who I saw? Craig Halper (our Implementation leader) and Matt Monjan! I couldn’t grab Craig, but I did get the image of Matt. Check out the new website and tell me what you think. They did an incredible job on the design and layout.


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  1. Mark Hall said:

    In you next blog you speak about Tim Childers finding out that his teachers didn’t realize they had access to unitedstreaming videos, just look at the star DEN members who (me included) didn’t realize we had a place to post our blogs, I just recently learned about the interactive atlas and now there is a new Discovery Education web site. How much more is there that even the start members don’t realize that we have access too. There is just so much material and information available to us, we almost need a manual to guide us through what is there.

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