Edublog Awards 2006 nominations!!

Yikes, I must be really out of it because I didn’t even realize that nominations were open for the 2006 Edublog Awards and they close tomorrow! 

So don’t waste any time, get your submissions in today! You can email in *2* nominations for each category, and YES, you can nominate the same blog for more than one category.  If you’re not sure who to vote for, here are a few suggestions of people from the Discovery Educator Network.  Please note that this is a woefully incomplete list so if you have other suggestions please add them as a comment!

  • Best audio and/or visual blog
    •         TheAcademic Aesthetic – Aaron Smith –
    •         Speaking of History – Eric Langhorst    –
    •         Open Source Classroom – Chris Craft –
    •         Coulee Kids – Jeanne Halderson –
  • Best group blog
    •         Discovery Educator Network – Discovery Education –
    •         Discovery Educator Abroad – Discovery Education –
    •         Rock Our World – Carole Ann Maguire –
  • Best individual blog
    •         TheAcademic Aesthetic – Aaron Smith –
    •         Speaking of History – Eric Langhorst    –
    •          Open Source Classroom – Chris Craft
    •         Jennifer Dorman –
    •         Brian Bartel –
    •         Beth’s THoughts on Technology in the Classroom – Beth Knittle -
    •         SEGA Tech – Jeff Giddens –
    •         Kaffeeklatsch – Kathy Schrock –


    •         Teach42 – Steve Dembo – (hey, a guy can dream, can’t he?)
  • Most influential post, resource or presentation
  • Best library/librarian blog
  • Best newcomer (2006)
    •         Jennifer Dorman –
    •         Brian Bartel –
    •         Digital Storytelling Corner – Joe Brennan – https://blog.discoveryeducation.comdigital_storytelling/
  • Best research paper on social software within learning and teaching
  • Best teacher blog
    • Virtually any of the above people listed for best individual
  • Best undergraduate blog
  • Best wiki use

Send in your votes to and as I said, if you have other suggestions for people from the DEN, please leave a comment below!


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