STAR DE featured in USA Today

Do you know who Eric Langhorst is?  If you attended the Midwest Regional Conference this summer you certainly do.  If you listen to the Speaking of History podcast you do.  Or if you read the USA today, you probably do now!

Eric is a STAR Discovery Educator in Missouri who was recently featured in the USA Today’s article about blogging in the middle school classroom.  The paper version had a great picture of him which the digital version seems to be missing.  Here’s a link to a pic of him for reference though.

Eric was featured because of a project he’s conducting right now revolving around the book Guerilla Season.   His students are blogging about the book, and have invited the author Pat Hughes to participate in the discussion. 

Eric Langhorst, who teaches eighth-grade
American history at South Valley, started the blog experiment last year
with his class as an extra-credit assignment. It was such a success
with students and parents that they expanded it to include the entire
eighth grade. Miller Creek Middle School in San Rafael, Calif., has
joined in.

Langhorst says the blog has been a great way to
get quieter students more involved in the class. "It gives them a
chance to voice their opinion, even if they’re not a kid who raises
their hand a lot."

Congrats Eric! It’s great to see you getting the recognition you deserve!


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