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I cannot wait to get the report from Marilyn and Eileen in Leon County from their Learning Adds Up event tonight because I’m sure their event was just AWESOME! I attended one closer to home, and while Brook’s getting the blog ready for Stephen, I have to share with you some favorites from tonight’s session in Polk County’s Alta Vista Elementary.

This school has 3 wonderful STAR Discovery Educators (Brook Peabody, Jill Gay, and Ted Eldridge) who joined us for tonight’s event. We were expecting a small turn out and were pleasantly surprised that every computer seat was filled with a family. The students were watching Jeff Corwin and Magic School Bus videos, one was trying out WebMath for Elementary, and then others found the Brain Games.

What I liked was the Advance Search features. This school, as many schools in Florida, has a large population of Spanish Speaking families. In the advance search you can actually narrow down the search for Spanish Translated. This was a nice feature for many of the families.

What’s your favorite feature of COSMEO?

Manual Guide for STAR Members

Mark Hall, a fun-tastic South Florida STAR, mentioned in a comment that we almost need a manual for all that’s available. He’s right, and that’s one of the reasons we started making the STAR Webinar or video + test mandatory. It helps make sure you know of your benefits. Here’s a refresher of some of those benefits:

*STAR Members have access to uploading and downloading RESOURCES on the DEN website
*STAR Members can create a blog within the DEN website. Click on your profile and then on the left hand side you should see a link to the AUTHORING CONSOLE
*STAR Members can receive 4 training kits a year and win prizes for turning in events/trainings they conduct at their school/district/state/national level
*ALL members can participate in the DISCUSSION BOARDS
*ALL members can read the latest RESOURCE GUIDE online
*ALL members can COMMENT to BLOGS
*ALL members can register for EVENTS on the calendar
*STAR members can post events on the CALENDAR (and request one of their training kits at the same time)
*Some events are limited to ONLY STAR Members, such as Florida’s Pre-Conference Event, DEN Institutes, and more to come!
*STAR members receive a nice WELCOME KIT to get the started with the DEN.
*STAR Members can request assistance from Karen (South) or myself (North) with special events in their area at no additional cost. Any other training requests from non-STAR members would actually go through Training or Professional Development.
*STAR Members receive special promotional offers through the year, one being the InFocus Projector and the second being the eInstruction Offer
*STAR Members can sign up for EXTRA CREDIT to further enhance their technology skills and to also earn more prizes for use in the school.

Okay, I’m leaving some things off, but this is just a start. You tell us – what are some of your favorite benefits that you have taken advantage of as a STAR Member?


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  1. Eileen Lerner said:

    We had a wonderful time at our LAU/Tech Night at Apalachee Tapestry Magnet School of the Arts in Leon County. Although a bit of rain seemed to scare away some families, those who came had fun and learned a lot! Our teacher volunteers learned along with the parents, and were excited about the newly found resources that they discovered. They are eager to try them out with their students. Cosmeo’s Math in a Nutshell is sure to become a center activity in many of our classrooms. My co-host Marilyn Andrews and I were joined by STAR DEN member Teresa Newsome, and 17 other teacher-volunteers (many of whom are DEN members) who helped to make this a meaningful event for our families!

  2. Nathan Guteras said:

    Our first Cosmeo night turned into a United Streaming event. I had 6 teachers and no families attend. We posted the information on the website and sent home invitations in the school’s newsletter. The teachers did the Cosmeo scavenger hunt and we reviewed using hyperlinked videos in Microsoft Powerpoint, and looked at some United Streaming Professional Development segments.

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