Is there a place for unitedstreaming in a Montessori classroom? You Bet!

As Montessorians we know that it is our job to prepare an environment that will allow for self-directed learning.  A large part of preparing this type of environment involves countless hours of on-line research spent coming up with innovative, creative and engaging activities that foster a love of life-long learning in each child.  Try using unitedstreaming to streamline your material-making process and reduce the time spent researching your next unit of study.  Whether you are directing children aged 3-6, 6-9 or beyond, unitedstreaming has valuable content that has streamlined the lesson plan process for millions of teachers.

Integration ideas:

Digital Images:
Whether you are introducing China in Geography or covering the four seasons in Science, why not use unitedstreaming’s high-quality digital image library to engage your students?  The following are Montessori materials that can be produced using digital images offered within unitedstreaming:

Create initial sound cards using these high-quality images and add excitement in the language area.  Your next movable alphabet lesson is sure to grab the attention of your students.

Search for images on different continents to help children connect with different cultures by spicing up your continent file.   A short description of each photo will provide talking points to use with your students with the introduction of any one of the seven continents.

Print real photos of land, air and water to help your students classify the world around them.

Cut and paste any digital image offered within unitedstreaming to create matching cards that will assist your students in recognizing small differences that will later be helpful in recognizing letters of the alphabet.

Create three part cards by printing and cropping the images and applying them to card stock.  Laminate these cards, create labels that correlate, and you are sure to have materials that you can use again and again. 

Steal the show at your next school assembly by using one of over 400 songs offered within unitedstreaming.  Use the series of skip counting songs in conjunction with your next bead chain lesson.  Songs make learning fun and memorization easy.

Videos and Video Segments:
Queue up a video segment at a computer station and allow your students to view it independently.

Use the interactive calendar in the Teacher Center to link the past to the present.  Share a historical event daily during your morning class meeting, for example:
February 7, 1984:  First Untethered Space Walk
March 2, 1904:  Dr. Seuss was born in Springfield, Mass.
March 27, 1790:  Harvey Kennedy Invents Shoelaces

Your students are sure to share these interesting tidbits with their parents.

Clip Art:
Do a quick search by subject and spice up your next field trip flier or newsletter.

unitedstreaming is an on-line teacher resource that can assist ALL teachers in preparing a fun and interactive learning environment. 

As always you can contact your dedicated Implementation Representative for even more ideas.  All you need to do is call us at 800-323-9084

Cristin Sanders
Discovery Education unitedstreaming, Implementation


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