Lights, Camera, Action!

Did you know that unitedstreaming has 1,408 full videos and 14,096 video segments that are completely editable?  Edit_button

What does that mean to you and your students?

Well it means that you can download the editable videos, drop them into programs like iMovie (free for Macs) or Movie Maker (free for Windows XP), and create your own movie.

Once you have imported the editable clips into one of these programs you can strip out the sound, add your own music, add your students narration, images, and more!

After you have the mechanics down, you can change your classroom into a busy News Room full of mini Woodwards and Bernsteins or mini Rathers, Brokaws, and Sawyers as the case may be – determined to break their story on the national news.

Assign some of your students to the editorial staff, while others lead the investigative charge.

You can then spend class time researching the facts, mapping out story lines, scripts, and time tables.

Then when its all culled together, create your news show/story and present it to your parents on Parent Teacher night.

This is a great Social Studies exercise but Editable Clips give you the ability to do all sorts of imaginative activities.

Here are a few more:

Challenge your students to be Inter-Stellar Real Estate agents and have them incorporate video on the planets to create an advertisement encouraging people to live on Mars, Saturn, or Pluto…OK maybe not Pluto

Resource – Spin around the Solar System, A:  Our Rocky Neighbors: The Inner Planets

How about a film noir?  You can challenge your students to be surly super sleuths and crack the case of "The Missing Decimal."

Resource- Mathematical Eye: Decimal Investigations

Or maybe your students can be the Math equivalent of Indiana Jones and explore The Dangerous World of Pre-Calculus, Program 4: Exponential Functions.

SPECIAL NOTE – this video is produced by Standard Deviants – my absolute favorite producer for math concepts.  Their videos are engaging, often humorous, and always informative.

Invite the characters of Macbeth into your classroom. Have your students perform candid interviews with Macbeth and find out what Macbeth was feeling when he exclaimed, "Is this a dagger which I see before me," or why Lady Macbeth couldn’t remove that darn spot, or just what the heck those witches were brewing in their bubbly cauldron.

Resource – Shakespeare, Module 10: The Characters of Macbeth

Note that there are lots of great grammar go-to’s (you like the alliteration don’t you) that you can incorporate into a lesson:

Grammar Basics: The Harold Syntax Guide to Interjections, Conjunctions, and Prepositions, Grammar Basics: The Harold Syntax Guide to Pronouns, and Grammar Basics: The Harold Syntax Guide to Words, are just a few of the must sees.

The Harold Syntax series is narrated by the world’s foremost authority on the English language, Lord Harold Syntax.  He discusses his family’s role in the development of English words. Syntax family notables, such as Greek philosopher Syntaxacles and Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius Syntaxicus, are among the humorous characters who help students understand word construction – roots, prefixes and suffixes

OK Matt, these are great ideas but I haven’t the foggiest idea of the editing programs that you referenced and frankly you freaked me out with the story mapping and downloading thing… but I got to admit it does sound neat can you walk me through it?

I can do even better.  Marcus Hill has joined our Professional Development staff and, as a former Director of Curriculum, can not only show you how to create a digital story, he can show you how to tie it into your very own curriculum!

All you have to do is sign up for one of our public webinars, or contact Marcus for your very own customized Webinar Workshop!

Check out the Public Webinar FlyerCalendar and Customized Webinar Workshops attachments for more information.

We’ved added a new Learning Adds UP Blog!

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COSMEO is based on Discovery’s successful school videostreaming program unitedstreaming, which is already provided to ESC 1 schools. By purchasing COSMEO, parents can now bring the best educational media into their homes and provide a comprehensive collection of the highest quality learning and homework help tools for their children.  To tour COSMEO today, visit 

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Have you seen COSMEO yet?  Is your school participating in LAU?  Got an LAU story to share?  Let’s hear form you!

Talk to you soon,
Matt Monjan
Discovery Education, Implementation


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