EdTechConnect: "A Web of Connections"

Will_1If you read education blogs, you are most likely familiar with the work of Will Richardson–one of the world’s foremost experts on education blogging. Discovery Education is proud to announce that he will be the focus of the next EdTechConnect webinar series that will take place on Wednesday,  December 13, at 5:00PM EST.

Who: Will Richardson is known internationally for his efforts to help educators and students understand and implement instructional technologies, specifically the tools of the Read/Write Web, into their schools, classrooms and communities. A public school educator for 22 years, Will’s own Weblog (Weblogg-ed.com) is a primary resource for the creation and implementation of Weblog technologies on the K-12 level and he is a leading voice for school reform in the context of the fundamental changes these new technologies are bringing to all aspects of life. His critically acclaimed, best-selling book Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and Other Powerful Tools for Classrooms is already being used by thousands of teachers to reinvent their teaching strategies, and his keynotes, workshops, and presentations to audiences around the world communicate a fresh and inspiring vision of what schools can and must become. He is a founding partner of the Connective Learning Group which is dedicated to assisting educators contextualize and implement Read/Write Web tools into their schools and classrooms.

Topic: "A Web of Connections: Why the Read/Write Web Changes Everything"

Having the world of information at our fingertips on the Web was in itself a powerful transformation, but being able to contribute our own knowledge and ideas and collaborate in the construction of content is even more powerful. What needs to change about our curriculum when our students have the ability to reach audiences far beyond our classroom walls? What changes must we make in our teaching as it becomes easier to bring primary sources to our students? How do we need to rethink our ideas of literacy when we must prepare our students to become not only readers and writers but editors and collaborators as well? How do we best put to use the reams and reams of "digital paper" that this new "writeable" Web provides?

Cost: FREE!

This webinar will be limited to the first 200 people!  Registration will be available at school.discovery.com/edtechconnect. Be sure to sign up early since the EdTechConnect series has been extremely popular and the spots fill up quickly.


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