Math Tutors, BrainGames, and My School Gets Money Too?

Many of you reading this blog already know the benefit of enhancing your lessons with the videos, high-resolution images, clip art, articles (the list goes on) found in unitedstreaming.

But did you know that many of those resources are also available to students at home as well?

It’s true!  Discovery Education has launched a new tool to help kids with their homework called COSMEO.

And get this – every COSMEO subscription has free access to resources like NutshellMath, a tool that demonstrates math explanations from real teachers linked to real textbooks!

By logging into COSMEO a student can find their textbook, enter in a page number, and watch a virtual instructor walk them through concepts and math problems from Elementary School Math to Trigonometry and Calculus.

And if you thought that was cool – check this out – Through our Learning Adds Up program, every time a parent purchases a subscription to COSMEO your school is eligible to receive a share of the proceeds!

To give you a better perspective on COSMEO and Learning Adds Up, your roving reporter, visited with Kristen Olson, an Account Representative and resident expert, and asked her a few questions.

Matt:   Can you describe the difference between Learning Adds Up and COSMEO?

Kristen:  You bet!

Kristen:  COSMEO  is based on Discovery’s successful school video streaming program unitedstreaming.  By purchasing COSMEO , parents can now bring the best educational media into their home and provide a comprehensive collection of the highest quality learning and homework help tools for their children.  To tour COSMEO  today, visit

Kristen: Learning Adds Up  is a relatively new fund raising initiative that we have launched.  When a parent visits, and purchases COSMEO (, the Discovery Channel will give back 15-25% of the proceeds of that subscription to the school.  Those proceeds are unrestricted, and can be used in anyway schools deem appropriate.

Matt:  This program sounds great, is it easy is it to sign up?

Kristen:  It sure is.   Schools, districts and/or parent groups register for FREE at and when a parent purchases COSMEO via the Learning Adds Up website, a portion of their subscription is donated back to the registered entity. Schools can earn up to 25% with very little man power to run the program.

Matt: How can I let my parents know about this resource?

Kristen: We have a team of dedicated representatives available to help you maximize the benefits of your program by providing you with marketing materials, templates, and training.  They can be reached at 800-613-7450.

Matt: How long will my school receive money from Learning Adds Up?

Kristen: Your school will receive the funds for the length of the parent’s subscriptions.
Keep in mind:

  • If 56 families subscribe to COSMEO, $1,000 goes back to your district!
  • If 201 families subscribe to COSMEO, $6,000 goes back to your district!
  • If 1,000 families subscribe to COSMEO, $30,000 goes back to your district!

Matt: How many schools have signed up for Learning Adds Up so far?

Kristen: We currently have over 6,500 schools enrolled in Learning Adds Up across the country.

Matt: Do you have any literature that teachers can share with their parents?

Kristen:  But of course, check out these two documents, Can I PLEASE do my homework? and Make Room on the Fridge.  And remember any parent or teacher who wants to know more about Learning Adds Up can contact the our team at 800-613-7450!

Matt: What do you enjoy most about working with Learning Adds Up?

Kristen:  I think its the responses that I get back from teachers and parents.  For example; a teacher at Ted Porter Elementary in Fontana, CA recently wrote to me and said, "I am a teacher using a ‘complimentary’ subscription of Cosmeo. Both my students and myself love this Website. Every since the first day I tried it out in my classroom, they have begged me to use it every day. The videos, BrainGames, and articles are exciting and fun."

Kristen:  What can I say, it’s pretty special when you get to share in that kind of excitement.


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