An important message from Discovery Education

We are writing today to notify you of some upcoming changes to the Discovery Educator Network (DEN) field program and websites.  Moving forward, Discovery has decided to dedicate its resources towards increasing its online efforts for the DEN.  We believe that this decision will allow the DEN to continue effectively supporting our community of educators and our fundamental goal of helping educators form connections, share information and best practices.

As a part of this shift, our active field managers will no longer be full-time employees of the DEN.  In the future, we will maintain a team dedicated to coordinating regional and national DEN activities as well as maintaining the DEN website and blogs.  We plan to introduce changes to the website after the holidays.  In the meantime, please feel free to forward any thoughts or suggestions you may have about how to make the DEN stronger, effective and more useful for your teaching and classroom needs.

This difficult decision was made neither easily nor lightly and we would like to take this opportunity to thank the field managers for their effort, passion and commitment.   We know that you will want to do the same and may do so by leaving comments on the blogs.

Discovery Education


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  1. Debbie Bohanan said:

    You are a fantastic field manager and a wonderful friend. I am so sorry that the Discovery Network decided to go in a different direction. I will miss working with you but I look forward to continuing our friendship. The DEN brought us together and now you’re stuck with me. 🙂

    Good luck to you on your future endeavour and I know whatever you decide to do, it will be a great experience for you. Keep in touch and thank you for all the wonderful experiences you have given me. This has been an amazing ride and I’m glad you were part of it.

  2. Wendy Norton said:

    I am sad to hear this news. I cannot put into words or express how I feel at this moment, except to say I am disappointed. My hope is that the DEN will continue to be a place for educators to share. However, I feel a disconnect will happen without field managers. I will miss your happy face at events and this truly will be missed by all DEN members. Please stay in touch, thank you for your support and enthusiasm.

  3. Cheryl Triplett said:

    Danielle, You are truly gifted in what you do. You bring technolgy alive for students as well as teachers. You and Joey will be in my prayers. Love you lots!

  4. Rita Beard said:

    I’m really disappointed with Discovery Education. I was happy for you when you “left” us to be a Den Manager. (even though I didn’t want you to go) Your technology “wisdom” is out of this world! Your teachers and students will really miss you. But, I know you will continue to spread that tech knowledge wherever you go. Love you and your family! 🙂 RB

  5. Nathan Guteras said:

    Dear Danielle,
    Thanks for helping our school make an “A” last year.
    Wow, you will be missed here in Central Florida. You have encouraged so many of the educators who were a afraid of technology to get on board with the collaberations, blogs, and encouraging postings. Having the STAR members model the use of United Streaming and Cosmeo has helped build our technology literacy and technology intergration in our county. Our familes will continue to grow as you have shown us the way to increase learning and excitement with a sense of teamwork and professional development I thought would not have occured so rapidly. Thanks for being our “sparkle”. You will be missed. Nathan Guteras, Lake Shipp Elementary, Polk County, FL

  6. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    Danielle, needless to say I am in shock so I can’t imagine your state of mind at this point! What you contributed to the DEN was awesome – you are the DEN, you brought us together and encouraged us. YOu were always there for us – Thanks for sharing your time, personality and knowledge! I am sorry we wont be working together anymore but I hope we will stay in touch and continue as friends! Thanks for being you

  7. Pam Jones said:

    I realize that I was one of your more recent members, but I am really going to miss you. Thank you for all of the wonderful support and help you have given. Hopefully we will be able to stay in touch. I am disappointed with the decision along with the others posted here. It will be a big loss for all of us that have had the pleasure to know you and work with you. Thanks for the most amazing dance. Perhaps I will see you around.

  8. Shanon Flynn said:

    Danielle, you are the best, and I really respect you as a trainer. I know that whoever snaps you up will be so lucky and thankful for Discovery’s short sightedness. It was your personal touch that brought unitedstreaming alive in Okaloosa County, and although we will be using it, we will miss YOU terribly! Thanks for all the wonderful help you brought to our teachers and the caring touch that you always had.
    Let me know if you need a letter of recommendation from someone who really benefited from your expertise and excellence as a trainer. I’ll gladly write it for you.
    Keep on dancing with your head held high!

  9. Lisa Nall said:

    I can’t tell you how much you have meant to us here in Okaloosa. We were just beginning to get people interested in DEN. We couldn’t have done it without you.

    You are a wonderful trainer with so much technology wisdom to give. I am sure you will find a new jon where your talents will be greatly valued.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers daily!

  10. Kay Teehan said:

    Just when I start bragging about what a wonderful and supportive corporation Discovery has been for teachers and how they stand tall among every other vender in the educational field when in come to teacher support–they go and do something really stupid!
    You have been a true friend to my school and my school district. I will miss you personally,as well as professionally. You have single-handedly brought Northern Florida into an educational community where we could share ideas and learn new innovative methods of integrating technology. It simply will not be the same without you–and that is a shame!

    With much respect & admiration,
    Kay Teehan

  11. Cathy said:


    I am still shaking my head and wondering how the decision makers at DEN could really think that eliminating your job could be in the best interest of DEN and how they could be so heartless. I’ve seen many unfair situations in various working environments, but this tops them all.

    You are a gifted and talented educator who truly loved the product you promoted. We all benefited greatly from your expertise, enthusiasm and willingness to go the extra mile to help other educators benefit from the DEN resources.

    I will be more than glad to be a reference for you and you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    God Bless You!

  12. Rosemarie Morris said:

    Like so many of my colleagues, I was just getting into this DEN thing. Horrifically disappointed that it is being destroyed by corporate. Unfortunate that they don’t see what an asset the program was and what a tremendous asset YOU are.
    So sorry that you were all treated so badly, as well. Please know that the CUSTOMERS appreciate you and all you did to help us utilize Discovery products to improve student achievement. (I’d never even heard of COSMEO until you showed it to us ! ! ! But I feel differently about Discovery products today than I did this time last week.)

    You and Joey will be in my prayers.


  13. Deb said:

    You inspired me to join the DEN and your enthusiasm was so contagious I signed up for everything available. Discovery should be promoting you not firing you, but I have no doubt that with the recommendations found in this blog from your colleagues, you are the shooting star that will land a position far better than what you have left. You have gone above and beyond in reaching out to customers. I appreciate your willingness to share your expertise with us!

    My prayers will be with you also!


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