End of 2006

As we come to the end of 2006, I look back with a great deal of satisfaction as I consider how the DEN community in Illinois has grown this year and as I recall all of the fantastic moments I shared with educators all across the state. I had the pleasure of working with thousands of teachers and Media Specialists and I was able to share wonderful moments with all of the Discovery Educators who participated in the Midwest Summer Institute in Chicago, the National Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C., and the Day of Discovery events.

At this time of year, I hope you are able to find time to relax and enjoy all of the holiday festivities with your friends and family. Many thanks to all of the Discovery Educators for the energy, enthusiasm, and expertise that you brought to the DEN events that we planned and to all of the day-to-day ventures with which you were involved. You are a great group and I enjoyed working with you this year!  Happy Holidays and best wishes for a wonderful New Year!

Dick Marchessault


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  1. D. Thomson said:


    I sure hope they have a place for you in the regional or national levels. You have been very helpful and I would hate to think that your talents will no longer be available to us.

  2. Lori A said:

    Thanks Dick for all that you have done for so many educators in Illinois. I can’t believe Discovery is not going to keep you on their team.

  3. Joe Brennan said:

    Dick, words cannot express my thanks for all you’ve done for us. You have been and will continue to be a valued colleague.

  4. Christy Marchessault said:

    Dear Dad,

    I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you did during your time as a DEN Field Manager that helped me to grow as a teacher. Sure, you would have shared your insights and talents with me even if the DEN had never existed – after all, you’re my dad! I know we still would have collaborated on the countless projects we have created together for my students. But it was through the DEN that you have truly made a difference in my career.

    Without the support and materials you provided to me through the DEN, I would never have been able to conduct the numerous unitedstreaming trainings I did this fall in my district. And now look at me, a fourth-year teacher running my own professional development workshops for teachers who are sometimes twice my age! (No offense to anyone who may have attended one of my workshops.) That’s more than I ever dreamed of doing at this point in my educational career, but it all came about because of your work as a DEN Field Manager. Think of all of the teachers and media specialists I was able to reach and multiply that by the number of students in my district who are now benefiting from all that unitedstreaming has to offer, all because you gave me that opportunity. And now as a result of my new “tech wizard” reputation, my principal is pushing to have an LCD projector mounted in my classroom! Think of the amazing window of opportunities that will open for my students and me. Again, this is all a direct result of your working with me through the DEN. Yet another example of the impact you have had is the fact that Kristin and I started a Technology Club at our school after attending the Day of Discovery in Lake Geneva, WI. Yet again, this is something that may never have transpired without your work as a DEN Field Manager. I’m sure I could go on and on, and I am just one teacher out of the many you have touched through the DEN.

    Dad, I know you will always be there for me and that you will always be my #1 supporter as I continue to grow and learn as a teacher. I mourn the loss of this special relationship we have enjoyed through the DEN and I cannot even express how much I will miss having you as my Field Manager. However, despite all of the sadness I am feeling right now, I am trying to focus on all of the wonderful things we got to do together through the DEN. Everything we’ve done will have lasting effects on my students, the students in my district, and even students across the country, as we have seen. And that is why I want to thank you. You poured your heart and soul into the DEN and I, for one, am truly grateful.

    I love you, Dad.


  5. Joe Brennan said:

    I don’t think anyone can top that post! I told your dad he better have that bronzed. And all I was worried about was who would take me to the emergency room next time and help me find a drugstore…

  6. Meg Ormiston said:

    I am just catching up on my blogs and was so upset to here the news. You have helped so many people grow and change instructional practice. You have inspired so many! Good luck in the next phase of your on-going adventure. I will miss you in this role!
    Meg Ormiston

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