EdTechConnect tonight with Will Richardson!

Don’t forget that at the end of the day today, we will be hosting an EdTechConnect tonight featuring Will Richardson.  If you’ve never seen Will present, you need to attend.  He is the foremost expert when it comes to educational blogging and the read/write web.

Having the world of information at our fingertips on the Web was in
itself a powerful transformation, but being able to contribute our own
knowledge and ideas and collaborate in the construction of content is
even more powerful. What needs to change about our curriculum when our
students have the ability to reach audiences far beyond our classroom
walls? What changes must we make in our teaching as it becomes easier
to bring primary sources to our students? How do we need to rethink our
ideas of literacy when we must prepare our students to become not only
readers and writers but editors and collaborators as well? How do we
best put to use the reams and reams of "digital paper" that this new
"writeable" Web provides?

The webinar is going to take place online at 5:00pm EST.  If you’d like to attend, head over to the EdTechConnect website and enroll!


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  1. Martha Thornburgh said:

    Being on the West Coast, I miss these wonderful webinars. I would really appreciate if they could be archived the way that Joe Brennan’s presentation was archived so that I may view at a later time. Thanks for considering this.

  2. Alison Keene said:

    I’m in Arizona and we don’t have a time shift, but when the rest of the country goes off Daylight savings, I can’t participate in a lot of East Coast timed webinars. Is there anything that can be done to help those of us in the Mountain and Pacific time zones?

  3. Keith Schroeder said:

    What an awesome webinar! Yes, the DEN is alive and well. . .

  4. Vicki Green said:

    What an absolutely inspiring webinar! I couldn’t wait until I could explore the provided links on my own. Can’t wait to hear you in person at DITC in Delaware next year! Thank you Will!

  5. marie belt said:

    I am on the West Coast, and am committed to teaching a class after school. I did get to listen in to part of the webinar…I was trying to prep for class and listen in at the same time. I appreciated what I heard, but was left wanting more! I need more information about the archiving…I’d like the chance to hear the rest of the webinar. I did jot down several websites to visit, but would like access to the rest of the presentation. Thanks!

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