It’s time to brag.

During Will Richardson’s excellent EdTechConnect webinar, a few people posted their own blogs and wikis with related resources.  I’ve found them to be a wealth of information.  That really got me thinking.  I wonder how many other DEN members have their own websites/blogs/wikis chock full of information that others could be benefiting from?

So take this opportunity to share a link with the community.  Post a hyperlink to your blog, your podcast, your wiki, your website, or your classroom homepage and brag a little bit about what you’re doing there!

I’ll kick things off.  Most of you know that I also blog at  But my wife and I also have a personal/family blog at  That’s where we post the family updates, mostly about the baby that should be popping out any day now!

Share your own below.  Oh, and a quick tip for ya.  If you post on your blog at, you can grab
the hyperlink to it by going to "My Profile" (in the green login box)
and then right click (ctrl-click on a Mac) on the words "View My Blog"
and copy the shortcut or hyperlink.  Then paste it here!


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  1. Martha Thornburgh said:

    I have a few different blogs. None are as interctive as I aspire to be soon. My class blog http://thornburgh-5.blogspot has a daily log of class events and photos, was set up for a group of teachers who went on a study tour with Heifer International to Honduras. The Journal at the beginning of the blog is the most interesting. And then last summer, I blogged to my students everyday on our 3 week roadtrip across 14 states. Our class mascot, Shania the cow is in many of the photos. My hopes are to get more into pod and video casting on my class blog and to have an interactive reading blog. I’m working on it…

  2. Danielle Abernethy said:

    Can I brag on a blog? It’s not mine, but I enjoy reading it! Lee Kolbert from West Palm Beach has a great blog called GeekyMomma and it can be found at .

    I’m still working on setting up my new blog and trying to find my voice. Right now it’s at I was actually afraid of having to keep up with the blog as a DEN manager, but now I’m addicted. An easy way to share resources with others.

  3. Tom Turner said:

    Hello North Florida….Come on out and support Danielle at her new blog. Let’s get this thing noticed as the best new blog out there!

  4. Melanie said:

    Here is a link to my web site.
    Although I would like to add a blog to my page I haven’t gotten it done yet. The boys and girls have been really excited about trying some beginning digital stories that we have a link to on the page. You can also see some of the things we have been working on this year. Thanks for letting us share! If you take a look and see something you enjoy please follow the email links to contact our class. They love hearing that we have mail!!
    Melanie Corn

  5. Jennifer Jensen said:

    I was disappointed that I couldn’t make the webinar…it was my last day of school before the holidays and I had to track-out my room for the next teacher to move in.

    I did want to a couple of my web sites…
    The Teacher’s Corner is a free site for teachers that my husband and I have been running for about 8 years now. Our latest additions have been matching pen/key pals across the world using “Google Maps” and create-your-own printable worksheets.

    Mrs. Jensen’s “FINtastic 4th Grade” This is my classroom web site. I am still working at getting student pages up and going this year.

    Jennifer Jensen

  6. Patricia A. Hawkenson said:

    I would like to share about my class web page hosted through This is an AMAZING format that allows me to create a web page for each of my classes. Using their simple templates I create practice activities and quizzes. There is a subscription fee, but honestly, it is WORTH EVERY CENT! My students have access to my assignments, I can post copies to all the worksheets they need, share student created Power Points, post audio recording of students, have the students complete on-line quizzes, and tap into the resources of THOUSANDS of other educators! Check it out at my web page: If you like what you see, email me at: and I will be glad to tell you more about it. If you want to create your own account, you might benefit from my affiliate at: This code will allow you to gain access to a large set of 25 on line activities and over 200 quiz questions I have already created. You can then edit them to fit your needs and you don’t have to start from scratch! The over 3000 hits on my language page is proof that my students USE THIS RESOURCE!

  7. Diana Laufenberg said:

    So with the new TIME magazine as my inspiration… check out the person of the year… I started a blog just last night.

    I teach middle school in Arizona and am trying to figure out how to change the way in which we handle the middle grades in my city. I would also like to try to ‘build’ a program that is experiential, tech rich and flexible. I will be using the blog to flesh out some ideas, gain insight and imagine.

  8. Debbie Bohanan said:

    Check out the wiki my group and I created at the DEN NLC this summer. Discover America is an interactive wiki designed to be a collaborative project with teachers across the country. I have a photostory on the site about FDR. It turns out that my project is actually considered a video podcast because I added voice to the slides. Most of the slides came from unitedstreaming but some of them were taken by me during our visit to the monuments. I want to see the students in my county using this medium to share their fieldtrip experiences with their classmates and other students around the globe.

    Congrats to Danielle and her new blog. It’s great to still be connected!

  9. Martin Kelsey said:

    Here is a reading project that my fifth grade class is working on. We are blogging about the books that we read and commenting on what others read. We would love to hear what any of you have to say about what we are reading, or what you are reading. There is a section for each student in the class as well as an “other adults” section.

  10. Carlene Shortz said:

    I have been working on my family blog. I learned how to imbed video on it and it sure is slick! It is

    I also have a couple teaching websites through I have found the sites to be used a lot by students-at home and school. They have lots of options on teacherweb to make them interactive-with students sending assignments to you, taking quizes, keeping track of grades, sending group emails to your whole group of families, parents taking surveys that are emailed to you, as well as the regular links, etc. It’s a great resource. My sites are and
    Carlene Shortz

  11. Scott Meech said:

    I didn’t add my link on my comment… once again.. thanks for letting us share. – My blog is focused on helping teachers use technology in the classroom better and the state of technology in education in general.

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