Time to Take Down The Lights–Soon!

Fox3 Those whose browsers showed the holiday spirit now need to consider Fox2_1taking down the lights.  In Firefox, you can choose a theme that customizes the icons.  This holiday, I used the Tinseltown theme, which showed lights and candy canes. To get this theme, or to change the theme as I’m going to do for the new year, open Firefox (new version) go to Tools in the menu, and select Add-ons

You’ll see a variety of choices.  My add-ons show Tinseltown and the Firefox default.  To change, I’ll click Get Themes.  My next choice will be either Walnut or, FoxScape (see below).  I haven’t done this on my Mac, but pretty sure it will work.  Walnut Foxscape Enjoy the themes, and thanks to fellow CUE board member Brian Bridges for cajoling me into browsing the holiday way.


Next post:  In the Weii Small Hours of the Evening: Technology hitting all the right buttons in the brain–for learning (true!)

PS  Martha, your question about recording video in Snag-It is answered in the Comments below.


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  1. Karen C. Seddon said:

    I tried the Blue Ice – quite nice. Thanks, Hall. This is going to be fun. I’ll let my teachers know about your blog!

  2. Tom Turner said:

    I used the Tinsel Town as well this year. LOVED it. Helped me stay in the holiday spirit when the students were really trying my patience!!!

    I’ve now reverted back to PitchDark which I find as very clean and easy on the eyes.

    Another thing with Firefox that I suggest as an addon is Adblock Plus. Helps remove alot of the unwanted ads you find on webpages. And if you are a gmail user, there are a couple of mail managers that will allow you to be notified of new mail from your browser.

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