Happy New Year!

Greetings and welcome to 2007!   

I hope this message finds everyone rested, healthy and happy as we launch headfirst into 2007.    In response to many recent inquiries and postings, I thought it would be helpful to post some basic Points of Contact for 2007.  As you know, we’ve restructured our team – in an attempt to be as efficient with our resources as possible, each of us have taken the lead in a different area of the program, but we’re hopeful that we have covered all of our bases here.  As always, you can contact any of us at any time, but we felt it made sense to organize ourselves in a way that will allow us to respond quickly to your requests: 

For general questions about:

DEN or to order training kits, contact betsy_whalen@discovery.com

The status of your application, please contact jennifer@gingerichfamily.com

Technical problems with the website, please contact james_white@discovery.com, cc: steve_dembo@discovery.com

DEN’s participation in a regional or state level event, please contact scott_kinney@discovery.com

Promotions and Contests:  lance_rougeux@discovery.com

All others, please contact  betsy_whalen@discovery.com.

This information is also posted on the Announcements forum of the Discussion Boards on discoveryeducatornetwork.com.

Thanks – Welcome back to school!


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