Before Leaving the Elves Entirely

Denelfimage_1 Mathica Before we leave the elves entirely, a couple of good things came up.  An email from Linda Foote came in where she talked about using the elf animation creator at for a good instructional purpose.  This does remind us that these free things that come our way like the elf, the monkeys (remember them at careerbuilders?) and others can be "repurposed" for instruction as well as amusement.  Teachers have made videos from Halo, and other game consoles (want to know how–post a comment!), and these flash animations can also serve.  Because these are web-based flash, you do have to grab them with Snag-It, SnapzPro or something else (I wonder if WME 9 that Steve Dembo blogged about would do it…).  But once you do, they can introduce lessons, punch up instruction, etc.

Linda wrote this: Last Sunday, thanks to your great timing, I "Elfed" one of the junior high kids, my teaching partner, and me. I used the recording function to get some concepts out there in a funny way to start the kids thinking in a direction that I could play off of to introduce the lesson. Thanks for sending me that great idea.


Keep it in mind.  More media, more fun!  And don’t neglect the fabulous instructional elf, Mathica, one of my old media consortium’s the most popular elementary programs in unitedstreaming. If the link above doesn’t work, just search for Mathica.  Great primary stuff.

Next, the iPod.  Although I may interrupt once more to talk about chromakey and middle school on the Mac after checking in with DEN star Kim…


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