Windows Media Encoder 9


Got a question from Lance today about a DEN member who was looking for a free way to shrink down some WMV files so that they could be posted on a website.  I use iTunes to shrink down Quicktime files all the time, but that doesn’t work for WMV.  For WMV and MPG files i usually use Adobe Premiere Elements, but that isn’t free.

So I did a little poking around and stumbled across Windows Media Encoder 9.  Have you ever heard of this thing?  I sure hadn’t.  And it rocks!  It’s a free download from Microsoft and can be used to capture and convert audio and video.  Obviously its format of choice is WMV and WMA, but it’s pretty sweet for a free utility.

The screen capture program works as well as any that I’ve used.  It can capture a window, region or the entire screen and gives you options for the quality you want to record it in.  Perfect for making screencasts or training videos.  The conversion software seems pretty straightforward and will optimize the file based on your needs (streaming, download, CD/DVD, Pocket PC, etc). 

So if you’re looking to do some screencasts, or have some bloated WMV files you’d like to compress to a more manageable size, it’s worth checking out!


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