Welcome Back North Florida Blog!!

Let me be the first to welcome back the North Florida DEN Blog. I have
some huge shoes to fill, and I can only hope I do them proud! It
will take a lot of hard work and effort on my part, but I will need
tons of support from you all (or ya’ll as they say in my school!) I’d like to thank DEN for this wonderful opportunity to work with all
of you in North Florida. This is ‘our’ blog, so if you have something
to share, please send it my way through email and I will be glad to
post it for you. So I guess that is the call out for all of you guest
bloggers out there.

I guess introductions are in order so that we can get down to the
business at hand. Many of you have seen me posting on the blogs and
discussion boards for the past 9 months. For those that don’t know, I
am Tom Turner. I’ve taught 6th
Grade World Geography for 3 years now in Polk County. It was about this
time last year that the media specialist at my school turned me onto
this new COOL community called the Discovery Educator Network. I knew
then that anything with the Discovery name on it must be worth taking a
look at! It’s now a year later and look at me now; facilitating the
North Florida Regional Blog.


I’ve blogged on my personal DEN blog about the use of Firefox 2.x and it’s advantages for safety concerns. Steve I know uses, or has used Flock
as an alternative as well. I’ve tried it, but I thought the addons with
Firefox were far superior. Needless to say I was trying to find the
Gmail Manager addon extension for Firefox today while at school and I
came across a pretty neat tool. It’s called diigo. With all the new buzz about social bookmarking sites such as de.licio.us, furl, et al, diigo is a collaborative tool you can share with your students who are working on a project together.

Diig_screenshot The screen shot here shows you how simple it is to add in your comment. Students working collaboratively can share comments about a possible resource, rate it as a site they can use or discard it if the site doesn’t meet their standards. The other COOL feature about diigo is for you bloggers out there. With a simple right click and choosing a menu item, you can annotate the page you are viewing and immediately start blogging about it. Presently diigo supports the following blogging platforms:

  • WordPress Blog
  • Blogger Blog
  • LiveJournal Blog
  • Typepad Blog
  • Movable Type Blog
  • MSN Blog
  • Drupal Blog

Never fear Mac users…you can use this cool tool too!!

Until then……




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  1. Nathan Guteras said:

    Welcome back Tom. Glad you are still supporting technology in the classrooms. May we not loose our vision for our students to be successful with rigor and relevance. Our mission is to find ways to make the learning connect with them. United Streaming and Cosmeo are some wonderful tools that are making these conneciion alive for them as well. Thanks for your support. Nate Guteras, Lake Shipp Elementary
    PS See you at FETC

  2. masha ziva said:

    I have been using i-Lighter to do my research and you should take a look at it. I have been able to stop adding countless bookmarks which I often forget even why I saved, using i-lighter I can hold on to only the stuff I need. It saves my info in such an organized and simple way, it has cut my school research time in half. I use google to search for info and I i-lighter to use it.
    Its one of those things that when someone comes over to my place I make them look at and they always end up emailing themselves reminders to get download it.

  3. Michele Futch said:


    Glad to see the North Florida DEN network back! I’ll be happy to participate and contribute, in any way I possibly can!

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