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     Here’s another quick gift. For the time being the Awesome Stories website is waiving its $9.95 annual fee for educators and individuals. It’s ALWAYS FREE for educators, see below. An education account allows up to 50 people to log on at the same time. Great for researching with your classes!
     Here’s how the site describes itself:
     “Enjoy an interactive learning experience as you see thousands of hand-selected and relevant links to pictures, artifacts, manuscripts, documents and other primary sources, IN CONTEXT, within each story.”
     I just found out about this myself and wanted to spread the word before the free offer expires. Anyone out there already a subscriber and can tell us more?
     I just heard from the AwesomeStories team:
    Access to the site for educators, schools and public libraries is ALWAYS free.  A group subscription – which teachers can have by requesting it with this form  – will allow up to fifty people simultaneous access with the same password.  Many schools and libraries have more than one password so everyone there can have unrestricted – free – access. 
     We provide MANY links to primary sources.  We try to cover the full range – from elementary-school needs to graduate-school needs.  Some of the higher-ed links, for example, go to original language documents – or detailed scientific analyses – while other links provide students with the on-line ability to create a mummy, build a pyramid or design a Viking ship.
     We decided to give free individual memberships – which normally cost $9.95 a year for non-academics and the general public – as a holiday gift this year.  Because we made that decision late, and because the response to it has been overwhelmingly positive, we decided to extend the free offer for everyone through January.  But with "Black History Month" just around the corner, and people (from everywhere!) telling us how much they appreciate the easy access to primary sources which we provide throughout the site, we are considering extending the offer even further. 
     Check out their "January Highlights" newsletter. 


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