MegaVCR Part I

Img_0506The iPod is a great tool for classrooms.  I can’t be without one, even at the bottom of the pool.  This is me watching the unitedstreaming video "Mayan Revolution" from the Conquistador program.  There is, in fact, an underwater housing for the video iPod, and I do, in fact, have breathing apparatus that means uninterrupted video viewing.   I am boning up on the iPod on my way to MacWorld to present at the Educator Strand, set up by Computer-Using Educators.  The general presentation "MegaVCR" will cover downloading unitedstreaming and other video files into an iPod.  Also, how to convert PowerPoints to movies for showing from an iPod (both platforms, too).  And how to connect iPods to the classroom televisions for maximum quality.  In addition, a little about Tours using the iPod, instructional scavenger hunts on the iPod teaching social studies, math concepts, geography and more.  Finally, using the Address Book feature on a Mac (Lotus Notes, etc. on the PC) for instructional designs, such as the US Presidents, the chemical elements, Questions, and more. 
The handout is below. When I get back from MacWorld, there will be lots of links for you to explore, as well as a report on the reality behind Job’s keynote.
What are you doing with your iPod?
Download MegaVCRhandoutMW.pdf


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  1. Gina Loveless said:

    Thanks again for the many ideas of the ipods Hall! I’ve got a question for you that might be a little off topic. I’ve been keeping a close eye on the CES 2007 in Vegas this week and I just watched the CNET video clip about the new Sling product called Clip + Sling.

    How does something like that affect copyright issues? You are the copyright GOD you know!

  2. Joe Brennan said:

    Good question!! At the end of the interview it sounds like they are working with media companies (like CBS) to let them know what people are sharing. So, can you “clip and sling” something from a station that isn’t in their fold?

  3. Maryann Molishus said:

    I hope you are going to wear your elf suit for your presentation!

  4. Kim Randall said:

    Not only did Hall wear his Elf Suit, he brought in a pool to the MacWorld Educator day and actually showed us this new venture of the underwater iPod! Now that’s a presentation you don’t see everyday! Amazing what you can pack in a suitcase these days!

  5. Karen C. Seddon said:

    Oh, the iPod. What a gift. Your questions was what are you doing with your iPod? I am on a mission to help teachers understand that this is the ultimate teaching tool for Differientiated Learning, authentic assessment, fluency and creativy. DD (Debbie Discovery) and I are introducing Podcasting 101 tomorrow to a group of really cool teachers. We are doing our voice recordings on the iPod with the Xtreme Mac lapel mic, iMic and GarageBand. Such fun.

  6. Dennis Grice said:

    Great iPod info. I’m definately going to try exporting some of my Power Point presentations. Did you know iTunes lists some pretty good educational video podcasts? A lot of stuff from NASA, PBS, and others. I made a list of just a few and posted directions for using them even if you don’t have an iPod. Here are the sites:
    Keep up the good work!

  7. Becky Hart said:

    I’m interested in using the Ipod for assessments for special education students that need tests or worksheets read aloud. I’ve seen samples of this on the web, but wondered if any den members have tried it?

  8. Kim Randall said:

    Thought I would blog/comment about this right now while my students are watching a US video from my “mega vcr” (video ipod). I finally got the “cable switch” red into yellow and yellow into red using a camcorder cable (not the old apple cables with the white, yellow, and red). Thanks to a little tech support from Hall, I got this working within minutes, and I will say my students were pretty “wowed” when I showed them the set up. And an added bonus- no commercials from the taped vcr version. Ok back the next group of students and to “wow” them with the mega vcr…

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