Awesome Kits


     Digital Storytelling or Makin’ Movies doesn’t have to be a big technological or Hollywood production. A good way to get your feet wet and let your students concentrate on understanding and sharing is to take advantage of kits and grouped resources like Awesome Stories. Before our good buddy Hall Davidson left KOCE he had a hand in getting Kitzu and Schoolhouse Video up and running. Both sites offer copyright friendly resources like photos, videos and sounds that students can synthesize, arrange and share. Unlike traditional research projects where your students use the same encyclopedia article to paraphrase a report, multimedia projects spur individuality and inspire kids to put their own creative stamp on the material.
     Kitzu lets you search by grade level and/or key word, and is tied to California’s standards. In addition to its kits, Schoolhouse has other helpful resources like a five page Word document of helpful websites compiled by…Hall!
     Of course, we can’t forget our own unitedstreaming with its editable clips, images and clip art, and songs and sound effects. But you already knew that.


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