Discovery Day in the Garden State

Opening_groupScott and I traveled to Monmouth University yesterday (via Staten Island…which we were told is not the shortest path if coming from PA) to help host a Day of Discovery in partnership with the New Jersey Department of Education.  We had a great group of educators in attendance, all of whom were award-winning teachers from all over the state, and had a lot of fun (see the picture above taken immediately after I told one of my classic jokes).  It was nice to work together on different ways to reach students through digital media.  Thanks so much to Beverly Plein, STAR DE from NJ.  She and the leadership team from NJ DOE (thanks Nancy, Sue and Linda) made this day possible.  We look forward to finding new ways to work together.  Scoot_small_group

In the mean time, here are the resources from our sessions yesterday.

Beverly’s digital storytelling resources:

Scott’s 50 Ways to use unitedstreaming:
Download nj_50_ways.ppt

My Google Earth session:
Download Usge_v4.ppt


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