DEN Work at Los Angeles Unified

Aproom What are these 240 administrators from the second largest district in the country gathered to watch?  Media made by teachers and students!  These assistant principals from District 4, an internal district in Los Angeles Unified, gave a warm response to the presentation "Media to Make Minds Work".   They watched movies made from stills, "mash-ups" from unitedstreaming videos, and independent student work.  Hall Davidson showed many of the same videos from last year’s DEN webinar, archived online with other great DEN webinars from Will Richardson, David Warlich, Kathy Schrock, Joe Brennan, Alan November, and Carol Anne McGuire. Encouraged by their District 4 superintendent, Richard Alonzo, to have students create content, the administrators reacted strongly to the power in the student projects, including a student video from Austin DEN STAR Arturo Guajardo. District 4 has over 100,000 students, Apuriel nearly a hundred schools, and would only be called a "mini-district" in Los Angeles Unified, a district with 700,000+ students and a budget of more than $11 billion. There are great media-using teachers in LAUSD.  This is an effort to move media into student learning from the top down by an enlightened group of administrators. The next step is a chance for administrators to get hands-on practice.  The assistant principals in the room, like the principals the week before, were moved by examples of the value media has for students in this media-savvy generation. Reps from both the principals and the assistant principals took the bull by horns and quickly built and narrated an iMovie from a folder of resources, then moved to a PC with Premier Elements and got to chromakey the venerable green screen video of Mr. Davidson into a series of unitedstreaming videos.  Fortunately, the video of the large intestine was not involved this time.


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