Media Marches: LA to NY

Apuriel_1 In Los Angeles in a series of meetings over the last two weeks, more than 500 administrators and support staff from Los Angeles Unified "mini-District" 4 watched student content created with media tools.  I blogged a longer post at the main blog but I thought the media-savvy would enjoy seeing one of my favorite videos "God’s Laugh" being shown in LA.  A video in two languages from Uriel Lopez and Robert Chavez, first shared byAproom_1 Austin DEN member Arturo Guajardo, it is a great upper tier to the scaffolded approach to student media making.  It reminded me of resources posted at, including webinars from Joe Brennan, Will Richardson, David Warlich, Carol Anne McGuire, Kathy Schrock, Alan November, and myself. Check them out if you missed them–and watch for more. On a personal note, it was great seeing folks from the district where I taught mostly middle school for ten years–I think we’ve all aged just the slightest bit since then. Imperceptible, of course, since it’s LA…  Bonus Question: What band was playing from the LAUSD iPod to set the mood when the administrators came in? In New York:  If you are in the New York City tri-state area, definitely submit an application the for Google Teacher Academy on Feb. 15th. The application?  A video, of course! A one-minute maximum in length makes it a very tough edit!  DEN honcho Lance Rougeux Lance_1 will be part of the leadership team with Chris Walsh and Cristin Frodella.  This seems to be part of a ‘beautiful friendship’ as Humphrey Bogart would have said, between the tech educators at Google and Discovery.  The deadline is Jan 21 (Sunday!), so get cracking.  You might think about some of the media skills you have explored through the DEN!  That is all for this post.  I learned from the last Mega-post (below) that even your grandparents don’t make it to the end of a long post, no matter how rich the resources.  Not to mention that TypePad will almost certainly eat a long post at least once, requiring a re-do.  But see you next time!  Next time:  chromakey on a Mac.


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