Nasa Mars Airplane Webinar

Ares_meatball Thanks to everyone who participated in Tuesday’s webinar with our special guest Joel Levine from NASA.  As a lifelong space geek, I was enthralled by the discussion – it’s unbelievable to me that we now have the capability – and a plan! – to send an airplane to Mars, and I loved learning more about it.

I’d love to hear some feedback from those of you who participated in the webinar and other members who may have missed it but are interested in the topic.  Did you find it valuable?  Do you think we should continue a series of these webinars?   Is this something your students might be interested in participating in?

If you’d like more informaton on the Mars Airplane, read all about it at

Please let us know what you think!


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  1. Diane King said:

    The pictures were beautiful, but there was no sound. Did you have to dial up to get sound? I tried all the settings I could find, but still no sound.

  2. Joe Brennan said:

    Diane and I are the perfect pair! I couldn’t get online to watch and see those pictures, but I did dial in and what I heard was absolutely amazing!! How inspiring to hear about the long range planning and testing, how the atmosphere compares to earth’s, why it takes storms longer to run their course… I could just go on and on, and I didn’t even see any of the pictures!

  3. Beverly Plein said:

    I had sound and visuals and it was definitely amazing! Thank you, Discovery, for arranging such a fantastic learning opportunity. I think students would definitely enjoy the experience as well. Would they be able to ask questions? Maybe there could a webinar geared towards middle school students and a different session for high school students. I’ve always been fascinated by space and would be interested in any future webinars with NASA. Thanks again for a great event!

  4. Rita Truelov said:

    This was the second webinar I have participated in and both have been exceptional. I think webinars such as the one Tuesday would be excellent in a classroom setting.

  5. Teresa Soyka said:

    The Earth to Mars webinar was wonderful. I learned so many new things about Mars, the mission, and NASA’s comittment to space. The pictures that were shared were awesome.
    Many moons ago I watched Alan Shepherd’s first flight and was in awe. I still have all the newspaper clippings from John Glenn’s historic flight. I can only hope I will be around to see the manned flight to Mars.
    My fourth grade students complete a unit on space and I hope NASA will consider holding webinars or videoconferences with the kids. They are the ones who will be manning the controls. We need to get them excited today about the exploration of space.
    Thanks for the great webinar. More people should take advantage of this resource from Discovery.

  6. Joe Brennan said:

    Your Alan Shepherd memory reminded me of the joke that was going around my grammar school after his flight. “Are there sheep in space? No? Then why did we send up a shepherd?” Hmmm, I guess you had to be in 3rd or 4th grade to appreciate it.
    Those astronauts were right in there with Mantle and Maris. It would be great to get kids that excited about space again.

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