FETC 2007!

Fetc_1FETC, the giant Florida Educational Technology Conference, is happening in Orlando.  Chromakey will have to wait.  Already, the DEN had a pre-conference event.  Notable among the attendees were Kathy Schrock and Tom Turner, seen here toting a very flat screen.  Not a plasma–a film screen (remember them?).  Also, Danielle Abernathy and KarenTom Sedden, former field managers who remain active DEN members. Coni GeocachewinRechner and Cristin Frodella, from Google education, did the geocaching activity and found a big piece of the Berlin Wall outside the Hard Rock Cafe–a wordplay on the restaurant name (Berlin Wall was a ‘rock’).  For Discovery Education, I was fortunate enough to accept three awards from Technology & Learning magazine–for each for Academy 123, PowerMedia Plus, and unitedstreaming.  Discovery Education took home more trophies than any other entity.  Plus free appetizers.  I am doing two sessions: Mixing Google Earth and Media, and the MegaVCRBoth PowerPoints are included below as pdfs for those who can’t make it to Orlando.  Prizes_2Check them out.  I plan to do both PowerPoints completely from my iPod, despite the fact that iTunes ate 40 gigs of video from the iPod on the plane  (my fault–sort of).  Google Earth I’ll visit live, of course.  Although I have backed up some tours with SnapzX Pro.  Late here, but watch for updates!

The whole PowerPoint: Download google_earth_demohd.ppt  The handout.Download google_earth_demohd.pdf   The MegaVCR handout (iPods in education).Download MegaVCRhandout2Rev.pdf
Not this one ! (Sorry!  It was up earlier. Never blog at midnite)Download GoogleEarthMacEULA2007.pdf


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  1. PittsburghRed said:

    Hall – what device are you using to connect the iPod to the projector? I apologize if you explained that in a previous post. I have connected my video iPod to a TV with an S-Video input, but I’m assuming yours is a different type of connection?

  2. Tom Turner said:

    Hall…I don’t think you could have found a more UNFLATTERING picture of me if you could have tried! Thank you for the “star” treatment and putting me in the same breath as Kathy Scrock. Even though I don’t hold a candle to her! I’ve had a wonderful time with you and the rest of the DEN Leadership Team this week so far. Thank you Lance, Jannita, and Coni as well.

  3. Joe Brennan said:

    Congratulations on all those awards!!! I certainly would have been willing to come down and help you carry all that loot, especially since Tom already had the screen taken care of 😉
    Hall and Coni, check your email and stay out of the sun!

  4. Tom Turner said:

    After the last 2 days Joe…I don’t think them staying out of the sun is going to be that much of a problem. Rain finally broke about 1pm this afternoon though. Just a nice chilly January day for us Floridians.

  5. Kim Randall said:

    Wow! I had NO idea FETC was such a huge event! I’m sad I missed all the fun, but glad Tom that you were there to be our DEN NLC “team representative”. Hall- wow, congrats on the awards…must have been the underwater ipod unitedstreaming video act that did it again, eh? 😉

  6. Tom Turner said:

    Hey there KIM!!! Sent you an email out a few weeks back, not sure if it bounced or got to you or not. So it’s good to hear from you. Debbie Bohanon and Carole Gooden are also there from the Summer NLC. Haven’t seen Darlene Wolffe at all though 🙁

    I saw the underwater ipod video slide today while working the booth at the end of Hall’s presentation. Let’s just say…the crowd, including the booth help, was in stitches laughing.

  7. Kim Randall said:

    Hey Tom! I’m not sure I got your email! Sorry I haven’t responded! Sounds like you all are having a great time at FETC though! Hope all is well out in FL. Bummed I missed all the fun…

  8. Debbie Bohanan said:

    Congrats on the awards! I was inspired by your iPod presentation today and am actively seeking ways to fund the purchase for our school. I brought my whole team with me to your session and everyone is very excited. I love learning new things and the thought of only carrying an iPod to a conference is incredible(and much lighter). My bag broke in the parking lot today so I could definitely benefit from lightening my load.

    Thanks for all the great tips and the resources you posted. I can’t wait to share them with my principal and staff.

    The pre-conference was great. Tom was just lucky I drive a van so the screen would fit in my car.

    Kudos to Karen and Danielle for their inspiration behind the Universal Pre-Conference event. It was great to see them both.

    Nice job Lance and Jannita, the event was a huge success. It’s always great to see everyone and I look forward to our next event.

  9. Yarone Goren said:


    Thank you for accepting the award on behalf of our team here at Academy123.

    I want my obelisk! When are you coming to visit us?

    Thank Again,

  10. Hall Davidson said:

    PittsburghRed, I use the SVIDEO connector to connect the iPod to the projector, just as you do to the TV. Virtually all projectors have video inputs and most have SVIDEO inputs. You just navigate to them on the menu. The projectors will take the more common composite video cables, too (RCA males – picture at http://dico.developpez.com/html/_img/rca-male.jpg) I think you need the SVIDEO especially for projectors because they are maximized for computer output, not video. The image needs all the help it can get and ,as you know, SVIDEO is much better than RCA/composite video.

  11. Hall Davidson said:

    Yarone, I will be out your way soon, I hope. I want Jose to install Windows on my other machine so I get Parallels cooking. Imagine iMovie and Adobe Premiere Elements on the same machine. Yow! Also, I didn’t mention it in the blog but I linked Google Earth images to flash videos made from your fabulous Academy 123 authoring software. I,um, might just have mentioned that we were piloting teacher created content with that software which Academy, um, might provide to tablet-teachers free, and, um, it just might have gotten a big response (there were about 800 people in the room at the time). So, theoretically, I might passing along some names to Dustin…:) Oh, and I did leave the multiple obelisks to be shipped. But that won’t stop me from coming out…

  12. Danielle said:

    Thank you DEN for inviting Karen and I to the event. It was great to see our DEN friends and family. Hall, it was great to see you again. I’m sad that I missed the presentations since I was working the Scholastic Both and in a job interview. Okay, I’m not sad about the job interview, but it’s always great to watch you present! I learn something new each time.

  13. Lee Kolbert said:

    It was great seeing everyone at FETC and the DEN events. After spending the day with Mark Hall, Karen Seddon, Kathy Schrock, Danielle Abernathy, Hall Davidson, Melissa Lander, and so many others I was renewed and inspired! You can see our interview/presentation of Hall giving his thoughts by clicking going to this

    I thought the connection he made to 30 second commercials on TV being worth millions of dollars for a good reason was brilliant!

    If you are coming to our District conference on March 19, 2007, please email me. I would love to set something up for DEN prior.

  14. Karen C. Seddon said:

    Wow, I just watched Lee’s link to their Tech Conference from last year. It was amazing and the slide show was terrific. Go Palm Beach!

  15. Hall Davidson said:

    Yes, Lee–thanks for those links. As Karen said, they’re great. With your permission, I’ll post them upfront on the next post. 🙂

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