Overview of unitedstreaming's Admin Site

Last week we posted a blog that listed the various types of reports that you can run within our administrative site, admin.unitedstreaming.com. (Click here to see this posting)

Today we’d like to focus on the rest of the Admin site.

Let’s learn the lingo.  To understand Admin it helps to understand some of the language on the site.  Here are some common terms:

Account.  The account refers to the name of the school district.  The school district is always preceded by the state.  For example the account Palm Beach School District in Florida will look like this: FL_Palm Beach Co School Dist.  In some cases the entity that purchased the license will follow the state, for example, CA_KOCE_Santa Ana.

Account Administrator.  This person’s privileges are set so that they can see all of their district’s information. When this person logs into Admin they will see a list of all of their schools.  They can set restriction times for each school or implement restrictions district-wide.  Account Admins can also run reports by individual school or entire district.

Admin.  A short abbreviated name for the unitedstreaming administrative site.

Archive.  Archiving a user or department simply means removing the user or department from your account.  These records are not permanently deleted; however, and can be un-archived should the situation arise.

Block Time Editor.  A tool that you can use to restrict streaming and downloading.  With this tool you can turn off streaming and downloading during certain hours of the day.

Department.  The department refers to a school or building.  The account can have many different departments.

Department Head. When this person logs into Admin they will see information specific to their school only.

Shuffle. Let’s say a teacher decides to go to a different school within your school district. By using the shuffle tool you can move them from their current school to their new school.

User.  A user is anyone who has created a username/password within unitedstreaming.

OK now that you know the language, let’s talk about the site and its functionality.

After logging into Admin, click on Account Manager, if you are an Account Admin, or Department Information, if you are a Department Head.  You will find this button, and in fact, the entire Admin navigation bar, located on the left-hand side of your screen. 

Once you click on Account Manager, or Department Information, you should see a number of different boxes appear to your right.

In the first box, entitled Account Actions, you will see a link to the Block Time Editor.

Right below the Account Actions box you will see the Excluded Titles box.  By clicking on the edit link you can select titles that you do not want to show up when your teachers search for certain words.  Some schools and districts use the feature to exclude certain health titles or topics.

Cruising on down you arrive at the Account Reports Box.  The Account Monthly Usage Snapshot Report lives inside this box.  Click on the report to track usage within your school or school district.  This report is broken out by month and year.  Note that the report is only as recent as the month that has just been completed.  For example, if today is January 26, 2007, the most recent data will be from December 2007.  You will see January’s data on February 1, 2007.

By clicking on a month you can then click on a department to see its specific usage.  After clicking on a department, select a month to see your teacher usage data.

To the right of the Account Actions Box you will the Account Administrators box.  Inside this box you will see a list of your Account Admins. You can add an Account Admin by clicking on the add link. If you are a Department Head this box will be called…you guessed it…Department Heads.

Underneath the Account Administrators/Department Heads box you will see the Departments box.  This box will list all of your licensed schools and show you how many users exist within each school. 

By clicking on a school you will see a new set of boxes.

The first box, Department Information, lists everything you need to know about the school, its passcode, what subscriptions it has access to, etc. 

The Users Box to the right of Department Information box lists each teacher that is associated with the department. By clicking on the name and then the edit button you can edit the users profile, reset their password,, archive them, assign administrative privileges, and/or shuffle them to another school.

Back to the Navigation Bar to the left you will see a User Shuffle Button. 

Below the User Shuffle Button you will find the User Search feature.  The User Search feature is a quick way to find users throughout your school or school district.  You don’t have to fill in all of the fields; however, the more you fill in the narrower your search returns will be.  To see an entire list of your account or department, simply type in the name of your school in the department box or name of your district in the account box, and click on the search button.

The Report buttons are found right below the User Search feature. These reports were described in an earlier post (scan down a few posts to read more about them).

Check out this attachment to watch a step-by-step presentation of each report: Download how_to_create_reports_in_admin.ppt

Finally, if your school or school district has tools such as Network Manager, Server Manager, or Upload Manager, they will be listed just below the words "Service Managers."

I hope that this information provides you with a general overview of Discovery Education unitedstreaming’s Admin site. 

Of course you can always post your questions/comments right here in this blog and we promise to respond!

Talk to you soon,
Matt Monjan
Discovery Education unitedstreaming


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