FETC 2007 – Pre-conference and More! Oh What a Time!

I’m going to admit, the linking of the state blogs today caught me off guard. I’ve been waiting patiently for it. I want to personally thank Steve, Scott and Lance for taking a chance with me to keep up with this thing. Some days I have a hard enough time keeping up with getting my hair ready for the day (*eg*). I will invite you to read on down below to my "official" welcome back post from back at the beginning of the month. I don’t really want to rehash those sentiments save one: This is our blog, I’m merely the facilitator in getting the information to you. If you have news you would like to pass along to the masses please feel free to email me at mithrass@gmail.com. I can also be reached on IM most evenings, so email me there and I can give that information to you. Basically, my typepad is open to you all. I look forward to many, many months of fun things to share with you all here!

Fetc_1_1Down to business, FETC 2007! Thank you Hall Davidson for this wonderful picture of the banner backdrop from the Main Assembly Hall. This was the one thing that I forgot to take a picture of during the entire 3 day conference. We all started our day bright and early on Wednesday morning at Universal Studies. The first phone call of the morning came not to long after the sun came up from Star DEN member Angela Daniell wondering if she was in the right place. As I was explaining to her where she needed to be, she started describing  a short guy wearing a Discovery jacket. I could only assume it was Lance Rougeux. It seems there was a LONG line waiting to get in to the parking area, with the majority of them being from the DEN. Once we all arrived and settled in quickly it was off with Deanna and her partners on a Backstage SFX Tour of the Universal Studios Orlando Theme Park. Den_2We were treated to a lights on tour of the Mummy Ride (not to mention the private ride prior to park opening being pretty sweet too!), a backstage look at some of the soundstages and the inner workings of a working movie studio, and were shown the acting ability of DEN’s own Scott Kinney. I so wish I had a picture of him hanging on the rope as he was trying to pull the water down on the other DEN members on the conning tower of the sub. Hopefully someone has that!!

After returning to our room, we were split into teams to work on a podcast or digital story. Groups had working lunches, racing around the park to get the pictures they needed and trying to find a corner to work quietly in. I’m still waiting for my DEN in Black teammates to get me a finalized copy (Karen’s?, Desiree? Help here please!) We did ours on the what we thought the Universal Classroom would look like. Once I can get my hands on a final copy, I will be sure to add it here. (anyone else is welcome to send me theirs and we can link it up here too!)

As for the conference itself, I walked about 10 miles for the whole 2 1/2 day event. My feet are slowly getting back to normal. The highlight of my weekend had to be meeting Kathy Schrock. Kathy_me
I don’t think very many people can match her energy levels (maybe Hall). But to be able to meet her truly was special. I enjoyed spending time at the booth with the DEN team and all the DEN members who stopped in to say hello.

The one SPECIAL GUEST STAR! was North Florida’s own Kay Teehan. She delighted the FETC crowd with her presentation on Digital Storytelling and unitedstreaming. After her session she spent about an hour signing free copies of her book. I can attest having worked at the booth for most of Friday that attendees were coming by hoping to get a copy of it well into the 2 PM hour! Way to go Kay.

I hope all of you that attended either event got something out of it. Conferences and workshops are a great time to get out and network with friends and colleagues, and make new friends as well. I look forward to next year’s FETC already.

Until later…



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  1. Coni Rechner said:

    Tom -It was great to spend some time with you at FETC. You’re energy and excitement in the booth was greatly appreciated. It was fun to watch you in action!

    I also love the picture of you and Kathy!

  2. Jennifer Krill said:

    The FETC Pre Conference event at Universal Studio was my first hands on experience with the DEN. I had a blast!!! I met such a great group of educators. Working on the podcast and digital storytelling activity really pulled it all together for me. Thanks!

  3. Karen Pruitt said:

    OOPS ~ Steve! I totally blew that. I will get a copy of the video from Desiree (She did a great job!)Also, I have pictures of Scott hanging around on the rope, too.

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