Welcome back Florida!

As the DEN continues to grow and evolve, the DEN blog network is doing the same.  We’ve had a number of DEN members contact us and let us know that they wanted to step up and take over their regional blog so that it continues to be a way for local DEN’s to maintain contact with each other. 

The first blogs to be adopted by DEN members are the two Florida blogs, North Florida and South Florida.  Tom Turner has stepped up to the plate and began posting on behalf of North Florida, and Debbie Bohannand has adopted South Florida.  While I know there will be plenty of guest others contributing as well, I think it’s fantastic that Debbie and Tom have volunteered to get the ball rolling.  Based on what’s up there already, it sounds like FETC was THE place to be last week!


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  1. Lori A said:

    Will Illinois be having a DEN event at IL-TCE? Will the Illinois blog come back online too.

  2. Scott H said:

    I’d love to see the return of a blog for the Tennessee region (especially Memphis)! I miss the good old days with our regional person, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped what we are doing here in Memphis in regards to recruiting DEN members and promoting our beloved Unitedstreaming.

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