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Kay_teehanI asked STAR DEN member and author Kay Teehan to shed some light with everyone else her experience from last week’s FETC Conference 2007.
Here’s what she had to say:

The Florida
Educational Technology Conference was, as usual, information overload for all
who attended. Here are some of the
highlights that I came away from the event with:

 Alan November, who
heads up November Learning which facilitates professional development for
teachers all over the world, was a featured speaker at the conference. I was
amazed at his thoughts on No Child Left Behind legislation. “If we allow NCLB to succeed, our country
will fail. We are putting our time,
resources, and energy into the lowest 25% of our student learners – those who
are unmotivated or unwilling to put forth the effort to learn. We are doing this at the expense of our best
and our brightest students. If we
continue on this course, we will soon be standing in line behind  India, China and other countries that put
their resources into their best students in order to insure their place in the
world.” Mr. November got a standing
ovation from the teachers who came to hear him. It was the first time I had heard such a distinguished educator make the
topic so clear. It is not about testing
kids—it’s about providing opportunities for kids to learn and grow.

 Another interesting
speaker was Arnie Abrams from Southern Oregon University who spoke on how
digital media and educational technology is only still at its infancy and will
continue to grow and appeal more and more to our students—who are growing up in
a very multi-media environment. He then
continued to list some of the most interesting of strategies to use in the classroom,
including “iPod-ography” which incorporates the use of student iPods in the
curriculum. He also advised teachers to
check out YouTube on the Internet, as there are some very useful videos for use
in the classroom.

All in all, FETC
was remarkable and we all came back to school with renewed enthusiasm for use
of technology in our teaching.

Thank you Kay for sharing. And thank you for your wonderful presentation and book signing on Friday morning!




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  1. Michele Futch said:

    I agree with Mr. November! It’s about time someone with clout stood up to say that. Now if only our senators, legislators, governors, and the President would hear this and act upon it!!!

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