Special Request:)

Hi DEN:)

Random request — I’m wondering if anyone has an old plan book they might be able to lend me (I promise I’ll send it back!) to use as a sample in a class I’m teaching.   I want to show some non-educators who are considering making a career change what it really means to be a Teacher.    Rather than just talk about Pedagogy and theory, I want to show them what it REALLY looks like – a plan book with completed lessons, a grade book, and some hands on lessons with differentiation.

I was able to find an old grade book – but I can’t find my plan books!  So – I’m sending an SOS to the DEN.

If you have a completed old plan book, or at least a few pages that you may be able to fax me, please send me an email at betsy_whalen@discovery.com.

Grade/subject doesn’t matter.  Just needs to be complete!



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