Special Guest Stars/Bloggers – Lee Kolbert and Kim Cavanaugh

w/loiioWe are truly living in exciting times.  It seems that every day new technology is developed and creative people find creative ways to extend that technology.

Take Lee Kolbert, Discovery Star Educator from the Palm Beach School District, and her colleague Kim Cavanaugh for instance.

While attending the 2007 Florida Educational Technology Conference (FETC), they used their iPods and interviewed Hall Davidson (spur of the moment, no notice to Hall) at this year’s FETC.

Said Lee Kolbert, "We asked Hall to explain the “big deal” with integrating video in today’s classroom. Hall, as usual, was amazing! Thank you, Hall, for being such a good sport!"

The following link will take you to the presentation Kim created using Breeze. No login required. http://breeze.palmbeach.k12.fl.us/p22614010/

To see more of Lee and Kim’s very cool Tech thoughts, comments, ideas – check out their blogs: Lee: http://www.macmomma.blogspot.com/ Kim: http://www.brainfrieze.net/

Pretty cool stuff!

Talk to you soon,
Matt Monjan
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