TCEA and the DEN

Tcea To the members of the Texas DEN:  Y’all come!  In case you haven’t been following the discussion boards,there will be a DEN gathering at TCEA.  TCEA is Feb. 5-9 in Austin.  Looks like the DEN will be getting together on Wednesday night.  If you’re a STAR DEN member with a hankerin’ for good food and great company, let Hall know at  We can only handle 20 folks for dinner, so first come, first served!  Of course, everybody is welcome to hang out, and we hope to see folks at the Discovery booth the whole conference.  That was a big part of the fun at FETC–old friends dropping by to share files and stories.  More details will follow, but email as soon as you know you can come! No bull riding this time. Although, maybe we can do something with PhotoShop… FYI, TCEA is the largest state organization devoted to the use of technology and education (says so on their website!).  Anything from the conference worth sharing about media will be reported on the MediaMatters blog, of course!  No reason not to plug a blog.


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