Super Stories

     OK, I admit it. I watch the Super Bowl every year, but just for the commercials. The whole Brennan clan uses it as an excuse to be together half way between our Christmas celebration and our St. Patrick’s Day party. We gather at my brother’s house every year to kind of watch the game and scrutinize the commercials. Because we all live in Chicagoland, this year I have a feeling that we will be scrutinizing every play too.
     My attention will be divided between the commercials and the Bears’ fortunes, so I need your help this year. Good commercials are almost always very good stories. They can tell us as much about ourselves and the human condition as they do about the product that would like to pry away some of our money. And at the going rate for ad time during the Super Bowl, they do it very concisely.
     Watch for character development. In just a sentence or two and/or how they dress, what do we know about these people? Where are they? Why? Consider the barbarians in the credit card commercials or the cave men in the insurance ones.
     How does the story build? Do they count on our prior knowledge? Even in thirty seconds, there is a beginning, a middle and an end. What must the storyboard look like?
     Parody! What can you turn into an exciting thirty or sixty second assignment to “sell” one of Newton’s laws or a Shakespeare play or a historical event?
     Go Bears!


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