What exactly is unitedstreaming?

As some of you might already know, I’ve started in a new position as a network manager/technology specialist at an elementary school here in my district. This is going to offer MANY surprises and LOTS of challenges. (Note the 3 pages of work orders I’m sifting through this evening already)

One of the biggest surprises after the first day is the amount of technology on the campus, but the lack of what to do with it. I asked around some of the teachers if they were utilizing the wonderful tool we as DEN educators have at our disposal, unitedstreaming? Much to my chagrin, not a single person has used it, plus many not evening know what it was. SO, I guess this is my call to a GRAND challenge as a STAR DEN member and a district unitedstreaming trainer. I know we have the ways to use unitedstreaming foldout that comes in the training kits. But what I’m looking for are the ways you North Florida DEN members are incorporating it in your classrooms on a daily basis. I’m looking at it this way. I can share the handout, but testimonials hold more weight with me.

Thanks for the help everyone.


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  1. Nathan Guteras said:

    Tom, Hang in there. Your patience will pay off. Technology is a powerful learning tool, when students stay focused and teachers begin to see the learning gains on standardized and infomal assessments. Glad you are keeping us informed of the new highlights with Discovery and the impact it has on teaching and learning. Nate Guteras

  2. Nathan Guteras said:

    At my school we use the clip art and writing prompt feature to promote the creative and strcutured writing across the grade levels. The teacher identify themes or current event. Then they create Writing Prompts using United Streaming to share with the entire grade level for literacy centers, homework prompts, and whole group lessons. Some ESE teachers are using the video clips to supplement science experiments, and have students take social studies virtual field trips. Nathan Guteras

  3. Janet said:

    I have attached a clip on Chivalry to build background knowledge to a webquest. Of course, I had to password protect the connection, but all I had to do was tell the students the username and password and they accessed the video individually.

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