Pop Up Video with BubblePly

Anybody remember Pop Up Video on VH1?  They’d show a music video, but add in all these interesting facts and comments through the use of pop up bubbles.  Ever wanted to do the same thing for your digital stories or educational videos?  Then BubblePly is for you! 

You enter in a link to an online video (yes, it has to be online.  YouTube and Google Video work fine), and then it gives you an editing window that you can use to add in Bubbles.  You can choose from a variety of styles, shapes, colors and set then to last as long or short as you like.  It’s a simple interface so it doesn’t take long to dive right in. And after you’ve created a project, it gives you a link and some HTML code to copy so you can embed it in a web page.

Would certainly make for an interesting classroom project.  Take a basic education video and have the kids supplement it with other pertinent facts.   Much more interesting that just watching the video.  Gets them engaged!

Now I know what you’re all wondering.  Does it work with unitedstreaming?  Well, yes and no.  No, you can’t just paste in a unitedstreaming address because of the password protection.  You’d need to download a video, and upload it to one of your own servers.  I’d play it safe and just use editable clips as well.  I’m not positive whether this constitutes editing, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if it did.

Have fun and share URL’s if you create any!


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One Comment;

  1. darcy said:

    sounds cool Steve…i may have time at the end of next week (we have that long weekend, President’s Day, coming up).
    Been a while since i have played with any code- it’s easy? copy/paste kinda stuff?
    How old ARE WE, that “pop-up” video sounds so cool, huh? and that we remember it, not in “reruns!” eek.

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