YourDraft is your digital sandbox

Thanks to Elizabeth Ross Hubbell for this one!

Learning is messy, we all know that.  But for some reason, learning how to create web pages and make things online look just right has always been a little messier than most of the other things I did.  I could never seem to make web pages look quite the way I wanted, and the process to see my mistakes was a royal pain in the @$$.  I’d create a page, save it, ftp it to a server and then see what it looked like.  Repeat.  Despite the preview feature that many editors had, it never quite looked the same when previewed, as it did online.  Not only that, but if other people had to review it as well, you needed it to be online but private, which meant password protection.  Oy.

Enter is basically an editor that will allow you to publish drafts online.  That’s it.  Simple.  Really simple.  In fact, so simple that the "About" page for the site only has four lines on it.  "Publish drafts online, now!  No registration required.  WYSIWYG Editor. Share without passwords."  That’s it.  Then again, what else do you need? 

Snag0151 Basically you give your page a title, and enter in a captcha code (you can enter in an email address too, but that’s optional).  Then you get a basic editing window (FCK for those who care).  Using that window, you can type up a draft, paste in some code, do whatever you might need to do and then click save. 

It gives you a unique URL for reading/editing the page, as well as another that’s read only.   Click on that and you can see exactly what you’ve created in all its glory.  The only ones who can see are people you give the URL to.  They can even leave comments!

It’s simple, but very sweet.  I have to admit, when I first saw it, I though to myself, "C’mon, what’s the point?"  But since I found out about it, I’ve used it 3 times now.   Paste some code in, see what it looks like, and then forget all about it. 

Might come in handy for all you classroom teachers that got forcibly recruited to being the school webmaster.  You know who you are!


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