DEN Goes Native at TCEA!

Crawfish The Texas DEN triumphed over crawfish, over competing concurrent sessions, and over adversity at TCEA in Austin.  At dinner, STAR members Linda Rush, Sue Baldaccini, Judith Valle, Susan Smith, Heather Lamb, Wade Carrington and Vicki Hart joined Hall Davidson and Sara Fisher to celebrate a great day at TCEA.  Between them, the STAR DEN presented to more than 400 people on the first full day of the big Texas educator conference.  Hall Davidson did a DEN orientation to nearly 100 attendees, and was followed in the same room by Heather Lamb, who packed them in for her session.Denpresentation Linda Rush did a turn-away business for her session on Special Ed and technology–and was asked by the conference to repeat!  She commented "without the DEN I would never have been here presenting!"  Judith revealed that her gifted class had made video commercials for milk that aired ‘all the time’ on the local NBC affiliate and she presented her projects at TCEA as well.  All came together the Den2 Jazz Kitchen for wild Cajun food and good company. Meanwhile at the booth, Hall and Sara joined Mike, Curt Smith, and Steve Finch for formal and informal tech sessions. iPods, Google Earth, Discovery Science Connection, and One Place were popular topics.  David Warlich dropped by and saw a presentation done entirely from an iPod.  No doubt he has already blogged about it…Denbooth2 A walk through the great town of Austin, whose warm weather was a comfort to the folks from Chicago (-1) and Maryland (12 degrees), revealed the home of O Henry, renowned writer whose penchant for surprise endings had us wondering how the night would finish.  But nothing extraordinary surprised the DEN–nothing could after Judith’s terrifying travel stories at dinner–and everyone prepared for another Ohenry2 applicant Jeremy Koester wonders what he’s gotten himself into.  The dinner group volunteered for the Texas DEN advisory council, which will take over the blog, advise on the regional conference and keep connecting teachers to their best resource—each other.  Only the crawfish were unhappy.


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  1. Karen C. Seddon said:

    I loved TCEA! Make sure you go downtown on Congress Ave. for some yummy “migas” for breakfast. Ask the locals. They will point the way.

  2. Kelli said:

    TCEA was great as always. This was my 5th year to attend and it just keeps getting better. I had to leave early and missed the DEN event…sounds like it was fun. I am happy to assist the group with the blog. I carried my DEN bag with me while I was there which led for some great promo time for the DEN.

  3. Vicki Hart said:

    TCEA was great this year and I know next year will be awesome with Janet (a DEN member) being in charge of the conference! It is always wonderful to connect with other educators and swap ideas. I am looking forward to working with the other advisory members in Texas! 🙂

  4. Beth said:

    WOW.. just found this blog… can’t believe I missed a DEN event.. that never happened before.. I was at TCEA presenting… and even looked for a familiar face in the booth… but I guess the two that were working in it were really busy talking to each other about something and I didn’t get a chance to talk to them and didn’t recognize them…. would love to know more about these events I always share about the Den in my presentations eac year at TCEA and T+L-
    Thanks for update!

  5. Judith Valle said:

    It was great meeting Hall, he is such a great person. I was also very pleased to see Linda again and meet other Texan DEN Star members. This was Susan’s first time with DEN memebers but she just became one of us. Great job Hall.

  6. Hall Davidson said:

    Judith,you were a bright spot in Texas. The reason I came was really to hook up with DEN stars like yourself. Meeting everybody was a great reminder of what the DEN was created for!

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