Int’l Student Media Festival

     It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I was basking in the October sunshine in Dallas and listening in disbelief on the phone as my wife described Chicagoland’s first pre-Halloween snowfall in who knows how long. I was at the ISMF celebration of student work then and managed a few blog posts. I also promised to tip you off to the call for submissions. Consider yourselves tipped. They will be accepting entries from February 15th until May 31st, 2007. Apparently, the guidelines are still under review so you may not want to rush your submission in right away. There is a $20 entrance fee for each entry, $5 for a single photograph.
     There are nine different production types from still photographs to posters to videos that are further defined by “purpose” which is another six categories that range from instructional to entertainment. Not sure where your work might fit in? They have a clever little wizard that will walk you through several question screens and then let you know. You can also buy a two DVD set of last year’s judges’ favorites to get an idea of what the level of competition is like.
      And that brings me to the judging. One of the things I was most Picture_4impressed with (besides all the student film makers in attendance and their work) was the award system that included “best of festival” and “judges’ favorite.” They really seem to go out of their way to honor and encourage students’ creativity.
     Actually, I was so impressed with everything about the festival that I may have to drag myself out to Anaheim at the end of October to duck any possible pre-Halloween Chicago snow while watching for your students’ work.


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