Quick and easy buddy icons and image hosting.

It seems that every site you register at asks you for a photo of yourself, so it’s really helpful to have way to handle what should be a relatively simple task at hand.  Of course, if this isn’t for a profile or buddy icon, you may need somewhere to put the image, so I’ll also be showing you a free place to upload your images in a pinch.

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com

While there are quite a few sites that will let you edit photos online, one of my favorites for head shots and profiles, avatars and buddy icons is MyPictr.  It allows you to upload a photo from your computer and then gives you a drop down box with a bunch of common social web sites listed (Blogger, Flickr, YouTube, etc…).  Select which site you’re designing this for, and it shows you your photo along with a bounding box sized correctly for that web sites buddy pic.  Then you zoom in or out and move the box around until it’s capturing exactly what you want displayed.  Once it is, just click pictrit (aka save) and it will allow you to download it or you can provide an email address for it to send it to.  Easy Breezy!

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com

If you want to send us your photo for the Galaxy of STARs, then choose "Blogger" for your service.  That’ll be the right size for what we need!

As I said, if you’re doing this for your YouTube profile, then you can just submit the image there.  But if you want to put it online, to insert it into a blog or to submit it to the Galaxy of STAR’s for example, then you may need a site to host it for you.   Don’t worry, I got you covered!

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com

Webshots, a photo sharing service, also has a sister site called All You Can Upload. It’s another highly specialized site that serves a single purpose: it hosts single images online.  You choose your image, click upload and it gives you a direct link or code snippets for popular choices that you might want to use, like blogs or discussion boards.  Slap the code in and the image appears for you.  That’s it!  For a concrete example of what it does, all of the images you see in this post are being hosted by All You Can Upload.  According to their FAQ, there’s no size limit, and images are going to be hosted forever!  I have no idea how long forever really is, but I’ve been using them for quite a while and had no problems at all.  One of my ‘go to’ sites. 

To participate in our Galaxy of STARs, just go to All You Can Upload and upload your photo there.  Don’t have it resize your image or anything, you’ve already got it the right size.  Click upload.  The code you want to copy is the "Direct Link to Image" copy that, and that’s what you paste into the photo URL on the Galaxy of STARs submission page.

Hope those little tips come in handy sometime!  They’re two of the many tools that I keep handy to use in a pinch. 


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