Storytelling and Standards

     I’ve been a bit glib about tying digital storytelling to standards. I think the benefits of teamwork, authoring for a real audience, and hands-on project experience speak for themselves and so I generally skip right to showin’ and makin’ movies. STAR Discovery Educator Kay Teehan, among others, does not take that step for granted and makes a strong argument for how digital storytelling fits in with the computer and media literacy standards outlined in NCLB as well as most states’ information literacy standards. She spends a whole chapter in her book Digital Storytelling in and out of the Classroom making the connection and pointing out the higher order thinking skills stimulated in digital storytelling projects. She uses one of my favorite student projects as a great example. It’s how a report on the culture of China became a moving story of women’s rights in that country.Grassborn_ref
“Grass Born to be Stepped on” was a 1st Place winner a few years ago in an Apple sponsored call for work using iMovie in the curriculum. Four middle school girls combined an interview with a mother of two Chinese orphans with images illustrating the attitudes and policies that have lowered having a girl baby to the status of the video’s title.
     You can join us for a discussion with  Kay on this and other salient points in her book on Wednesday, February 21st at 5 p.m. EST. Click here to register for this month’s EdTechConnect webinar.


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