Where Have All the Posts Gone?

Lost in the snow! The plan was to post from Austin and TCEA on the main blog, which I did, and then update the fabulously important Media Matters blog from Hershey and PETE & C.  But something happened along the way–the Snowstorm of ’07.  I am still stranded–until Friday–a cool excuse.  The Internet was snowed out.  Check out Mr. Kinney cleaning the precip off the dish connection–something he had to do more than once.Snodish
So to make up for lost time, here is a quick re-collection of resources people asked for at both conferences.  The unitedstreaming/ PowerPoint/ AddressBook (& more)-to-iPod presentation: Download
.  The Google Earth presentation: Download
, the How To Make Captions Play in unitedstreaming Explanation: (Thanks, Matt Monjan);Lee Kolbert’s podcast on media with me which you might have missed in the comments.  And a quickie snapshot of bringing people into unitedstreaming clips via chromakey in Adobe Premiere Elements (remember the educator price through schools).Apechroma
And a nice clip of a DEN member who always wanted to visit Jane Goodall in Africa–and did via unitedstreaming.  Download the clip and watch Jane wave.  We pulled in two clips in about fifteen minutes.  Not bad! The fun you can have at the Discovery booth (Matt Monjan visited Pluto). More on how to do that–in both platforms–in an upcoming post (I know, I know it keeps being promised!).  Tomorrow. I get to try delivery a talk in Poway (near San Diego) at Tech Expo via Webex and iChat.  Going to be an interesting morning…Needless to say, we’re leaving the dish and heading to a coffee shop  (shhh-hhh)!  (Thanks, Linda Foote, for being so solid on the California end).Download SuzJane2.wmv


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  1. Lee Kolbert said:

    Hey Hall!
    Thanks for the “shoutout!” I love the pic of you in the snow. I enjoyed it while I was sitting here in Florida while it’s an “oh so cold” 70 degrees! :p

    Will we see you at our tech conference on March 19? I remember when you were the opening keynote for us a few years back. This year, we are bringing in Karl Fisch, Deneen Frazier Bowen, Kate Kemker, and have over 144 breakout sessions. All is free!


    I’d like to invite all of our DEN educators to the conference. Take care and stay warm! 🙂

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