Have you submitted your photo yet?

Have you submitted your photo yet for our Galaxy of STAR’s?  Many people have, but I’d say we’re still at constellation level, when I’m looking to see an entire galaxy of smiling DEN members!

All you have to do is head over here and fill out the form.  If you don’t have a picture of yourself online yet, visit my post on Digital Passports to learn a quick and easy way to create the right size picture and host it online for free!


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  1. Janet said:

    I tried to upload twice, but my picture doesn’t show. What am I doing wrong?

  2. Steve Dembo said:

    you’re trying to link to the web page, not the image itself. On that page you pasted above, you’ll notice that there’s a bunch of code snippets that you can choose from. The last one on the page says “Direct Link to Image”. That’s the one you want! Just highlight that one, and use that. It’s a link to the image itself, not the webpage with all the choices.

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