Skrbl Pad: Your digital whiteboard in a pinch

There are times when you don’t really realize that you need a tool until you actually NEED it?  Digital whiteboards tend to fall into that category.  10 people are sitting around in a meeting, and after putting all the notes up on a physical whiteboard, everyone realizes that eventually the whiteboard is going to be cleaned off!  That’s when people start copying things down furiously.

Enter Skrbl pad (what do so many Web 2.0 websites have against vowels???).  It’s basically a digital whiteboard with very few frills.  Click on a space and it opens a text box.  Type what you need to say, and when you click somewhere else it will create a new text box.  You can also draw freehand using it’s pen tool.


Like many of these tools, its biggest strength happens to be its biggest weakness: simplicity.  It’s really easy to jump into.  In fact, you don’t even need to log in!  Even as a guest, you have full access for the most part.  Everything is clickable and draggable, and tools are intuitive.  You can save as HTML or just get a preview ready for printing.  You can also email people and invite them to edit it as well. Multiple people can all view it and collaborate at the same time.

On the down side, I’ve basically described every feature in the paragraph above.  The pen tool is the only drawing tool available.  No highlighting, no shape tools, no arrows, you can’t even adjust the thickness of the pen.  So it’s pretty bare bones.

However, as I said, this is a site that students can use to take class notes without even registering.  Then can literally jump in and a group can collaborate together in just a few minutes without wasting any time on long registration forms and email confirmations.  Plus, when you don’t have alot of frills, you generally concentrate on content, which can be a good thing.

So keep Skrbl in mind the next time you realize that having a collaborative whiteboard would come in really handy!


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  1. Tom Turner said:

    Neat concept Steve….but I have to say I NEVER leave home without my Inspiration copy on my laptop. With the ability to export as a .doc or a .rtf I don’t think anything else can top it.

  2. Charlene Chausis said:

    I always have my digital camera for capturing white board notes, but Skrbl is nifty tool… I especially like the collaboration part! Thanks for the find!

  3. nrgy said:

    this thing rocks!
    easy, intutive, a digital whiteboard with very few frills. Is that a downside … I actually think that makes it more user friendly and allows us to grow with the advancements that are bound to be coming soon – like for instance, I am sure they are working on adding highlighting, and other visio like tools.
    I like it!!

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