Welcome Back – Again

I’m sure I can speak for my CO-blogging coordinator Debbie Bohanan, that we welcome back the Florida blog in its new and improved state. We look forward to being able to connect with you all again!

It’s hard to believe it’s been about a month since FETC came and went. In that time I know that my creative ‘juices’ have been flowing endlessly. Similar can be said concerning the DEN and their desire to help make the classroom teacher’s job that much easier.

Your Florida Leadership Council Welcomes you!!

We’ve worked together to create a leadership council that will represent the state from top to bottom. Please take a moment to welcome them.

  • Carole Gooden: Chairman
  • Tom Turner: Co-Blog Coordinator
  • Debbie Bohanan: Co-Blog Coordinator
  • Mark Hall: Events Coordinator
  • Diana Echezabal: Events Planner
  • Carol Papuga: Events Planner
  • Melissa Lander: Events Planner
  • Janet Hallstrom: Events Planner

We all look forward to working with you in the coming months to keep our valuable resource rolling along.




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  1. Jennifer Dorman said:

    Welcome back Florida! The Leadership Council from PA is looking forward to collaborating with you to take DEN into the stratosphere . . . we’ll be seeing you online!

  2. Teryl Magee said:

    Glad to see you all back! I miss reading Danielle’s posts to see what is going on in Florida, but I am keeping touch through her blog. Good luck!

  3. Patricia A. Hawkenson said:

    I am EXCITED to see the state blogs slowly coming back! I read them all and learn so much. The knowledge gained here makes me look good back in WI! Thanks!

  4. Jannita Demian said:

    Way to Florida! You have an incredible line up and I look forward to all the exciting things you will accomplish together!

  5. Diane Darling said:

    I saw Tom Turner’s name. Is this the same Tom Turner who was a professor from the University of Tennessee? I didn’t see a biography anywhere.
    Diane Darling

  6. Eileen Lerner said:

    Hello–I’m looking forward to resuming a sharing relationship within our DEN Network!

  7. Keith Schroeder said:

    Glad to see some groups are coming back. I’d like to get one going in Wisconsin. Good luck!

  8. Michele Futch said:

    Welcome back! Let me know what I can help with. I am ready, willing, and able to assist!

  9. Janet said:

    I am so looking forward to some wonderful events. Let us know any great ideas.

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