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So I was over on the newly republished California blog and loved the way Dave Kootman chose to introduce the California Leadership Council to us.  He created a powerpoint of all the members of the council, and used a site called Slideshare to embed it into the blog post.  By using Slideshare, people don’t need to download the presentation, they can view it right there within the web page.  Not only that, but you can do it regardless of whether you have Powerpoint on your computer or not.

The site accepts PowerPoint files and PDF’s, so if you use Keynote, you’ll need to save your presentation as a PDF first.  Otherwise it’s pretty much a no-brainer.  Upload your presentation, attach keywords and a description and it’ll give you the code to copy and put in your website. 

There are only two issues with the site that I can see.  The first is that there’s no way to upload something privately.  It’d be nice if there were a "Friends & Family" feature like on Flickr, or a way it can be by invite only, like with YouTube.  Any presentation you upload is viewable by everybody.  They can watch it, they can share it, but they can’t actually download the original slides, so no worrying about someone totally stealing your work. 

The second issue is that there’s no support for animations.  In a single slide, I’ll often have three or four stages.  It’ll start off with one image, and as I click, more images or arrows will pop up on the screen and others will disappear, coordinated with what I’m saying.  In SlideShare, all of them will show up at once, which can be really messy.   It basically makes the presentation unwatchable.   So I either need to re-vamp my presentations to remove all animations, or they need to figure out how to support them 🙂  I’m hoping that they get to work on that because I like my animations! 

Anyway, thanks to Dave for the tip, and if you want to show off your students Powerpoints on your classroom page or blog, this looks like a great way to do so.


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  1. Jannita Demian said:

    Keep on eye on California blog… Dave always had great free things to share!

  2. Amit Ranjan said:


    I am from the slideshare team. Thanks for your interest in our application.

    Thanks for your feedback as well; both the privacy and animation features are already on our radars.


    Amit Ranjan

  3. schaplik said:

    I love slideshare. Just put up a slide show last week. An excellent resource, a great tool for all. Keep an Eye on iLife is the title of my presentation.

  4. Sara said:

    Thanks for sharing this great resource. I had never heard of it before. Once I saw it my mind was flooded with ways to use it in the classrooms in my school.

  5. Bobbi said:

    I love this. It has provided a place to post great student made projects for their families to see.
    Thanks for sharing it. I can’t wait to share it with the teachers at my school.

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