Do you Diigo?

So, you’ve shared and commented on your bookmarks with Furl,, StumbleUpon, and other social bookmarking sites.  They are pretty fantastic ways for individuals and groups to share the resources they have found online. 

Diigo (dee’ go) takes the social bookmarking to a new level.  Diigo is all about "social annotation."  With Diigo you can (copied from the Diigo site):

Highlight and add sticky notes:

With a virtual highlighter and digital sticky notes, now you can highlight & jot down your comments directly on any part of a webpage and scan through all your research findings quickly.

Easily extract and compile all your highlights across multiple pages for a given subject.

Keep your annotations private, share them with groups you belong to, or make them public for everyone to view.

Store and organize your online favorites:

Keep all your bookmarks online and access them from anywhere, using any browser.

Tags and full-text search on everything make it extremely easy to organize and find stuff – no need to fumble with folders and subfolders.

Instead of simple bookmarking, you can "clip" the highlights and store them with your bookmarks. So now you can do full-text search on only "clipped" or highlighted contents to find what you want more quickly, in addition to searching in tags, titles, comments and the entire pages.

Your bookmarked pages are archived to insure they are always available as originally seen.

Not just web pages, you can also bookmark your favorite pictures on the web into albums!

You control the settings that determine what can be seen by the public, what will be shared with each group you belong to, and what will be kept private.

Share and interact with others:

You can forward a webpage with your highlights & Sticky notes. For further interactions, your friends or group members can append their comments under your notes right on the page.

"Blog-This" makes it super easy for you to blog about your latest web reading, easily turning your web annotations to blog posts.

With our "Enhanced Linkrolls", add an instant collaborative platform right on your site by sharing your latest Diigo bookmarks and annotated pages with the world, and further inviting discussions with your site visitors, all perfectly within context.

Find other people who also bookmarked or commented on the page, interact with them on or off the page.

To share findings on a specific subject, you can  forward multiple bookmarks  (each with highlights and Sticky notes) at once.

Bookmark lists, either by tag(s), or by a specific user, or any combination, can be subscribed on the website or through RSS. Contents can be easily syndicated to other websites/blogs through RSS, linkroll and tagcloud.

Diigo has great toolbar add-ons for Firefox and IE7 that make it really easy to create, access, and add to your collection. 

I created a Diigo group, Engaging Digital Natives, to accompany my presentations at PETE&C.  It was a tremendously easy and quick way to share all the Web 2.0 resources I planned to address.  My group continues to grow as does the list of excellent web tools. 

I think Diigo would make a fantastic collaborative research tool for my students.  In fact, I was so excited about the service that I started all of my classes last Thursday with an introduction to Diigo.  My students were thrilled and lamented only that they didn’t know about the service earlier, when they were working on their National History Day presentations and their district transition research assessment. 

So, take a virtual tour of Diigo (they have a great series of Flash tutorials) and post comments about other classroom or professional applications for this service.   You can also post the URL of any Diigo groups you would like to share. 


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